Bug Fixes – Enhancements Ver 2011-2

Version 2011-2 was released in  June 2011 in response to Payroll changes in Australia. For more details see PCSchool Student Management School Administration School Software

Download the latest Programs Follow Up from – www.pcschool.net/download/Followup2011-2.zip

Get Help – to determine your version of PCSchool.

11/7/2012 ATTENDANCE Changed the Late Entry view so that immediately following the entry of a late the screen will display the ByPeriod Absence Screen, enabling the setting of by Period absence status as part of a single process. Curric Version 2011.2.0.708

Editing the Absence Record

22/6/2012 TIME TABLE  Added a Refresh button next to the date selection in the Subject Choice Wizard. This button enables the user to Refresh the subjects shown in the Option Subject List so that they are sensitive to the phase date indicated in the date selection. Available Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.683

21/6/2012  MOE ROLL RETURNS  Fixed bug to ensure that correct dates appear on the Audit Attendance Class Lists for the July Return Scholastic Ver 2011.2.0.682

28/5/2012 ATTENDANCE NSW  Enhanced Attendance Audit Reports for NSW schools  See  http://wp.me/p1JopJ-5v

28/5/2012 SCHOLASTIC NZ MOE ROLL RETURNS. Release of an important change to the MOE file structure. This will be necessary to produce the June tables. http://wp.me/p1JopJ-5i

28/5/2012  PAYROLLNZ  Update for ESCT calculation to ensure consistency where calculations are based on both a fortnight and monthly basis.  http://wp.me/p1JopJ-5B

26/5/2012 SCHOLASTIC NZ Change to file format for the collection of Attendance Extract for NZ schools in 2012.

25/5/2012 SCHOLASTIC Change to Production of SPORTSCID and other csv file transfer  See  http://wp.me/p1JopJ-5p

20/5/2012  Curriculum  Result Entry. Bug fix in Markbook management where new columns were added and then re positioned in markbook.. This was causing results to display shuffled across a column.

18/4/2012   NZ Payroll Changes released to cater for IRD changes to Student Loans and KIWI Saver, as impacted by new ESCT legislation. Read more

If you intend to apply this followup it is important that you have produced you IRD 345 and associated file for payrolls up to 31/3/2012 prior to installing the followup. This will ensure that the Kiwi Employer Super will not have ESCT applied to the initial 2%. Once this report and file has been produced then install the followup.

1/4/2012   NZ Payroll  New Tax Released

19/03/2012 Followup Curric Ver 2011.2.0.576  Uploaded 2.30 Queensland time

19/3/2012 FINANCE CREDITOR PAYMENT  Bug fix when emailing Pay Advices the automatic Bank Upload file was incorrectly formatted and hence failed to load.  Finance Version for this fix: 2011.2.0.59

17/03/2012 POINT OF SALE Changes to save default ‘Transfer to Debtors’ option and also to hide Family balances in Receipt Entry.

16/3/2012 ATTENDANCE ROLL MARKING  Added functionality to Absence Reports to enable user to select to print absences that have a specific status eg Late” for one of the periods in the day. This is an extension of the previous functionality where the user selected based on the overall absence status.

10/3/2012 DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT extended to include access to Archived Documents belonging to students and families no longer on the database, rendering stored documents retrievable whenever they may be required. Read more 

6/3/2012 Released new printout to display all previous student result for subjects in the same Key Area See Link for details

6/3/2012  Important Bug Fix in Assessment Reporting. In some circumstances when using Result Entry by Spreadsheet with specific format xml files the screen was duplicating some categories of Area of Assessment. This has been fixed and it is recommended that users take the current followup (Curric Ver 2011.2.0.530

5/3/2012 Changes to Markbook Management where the user is prompted to clear the  current Markbook prior to entering Markbook Management. This change was effected to prevent users from modifying the current markbook structure then saving the displayed markbook in the old format.

5/3/2012 Change to Result Entry where the entered mark is passed to a stored table to return standardized scores based on normative tests such as PAT. The program was failing to return converted scores where the Subject Year level was stored as a non numeric year. This has been altered to use the Student Current Year Level should this occur.

2/3/2012  MOE Roll Returns for SQL backend failed to print Table M3. Report was re-released in www.pcschool.net/download/MOERepsSQL.zip  Users need to re-download this file and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql . Take the option to Reprint MOE Tables to reprint the missing M3 table.

21/02/2012 Enhanced Ethnicity Reporting for New Zealand Curriculum and Embedded Ethnicity into Student View. (Curric Version 2011.2.0.489)

15/02/2012 Adjusted the DEEWR Student Residential Address Collection file creation in Data Capture were a school was having difficulty in that all students were identified as Secondary and Year “RE” students were not correctly showing as “P”  Primary. Changed the code to look at, if in years 7,8,9,10,11,12 for some states and 8,9,10,11,12 for others, then make Secondary else make Primary. This will ensure that RE or PS etc will come across as Primary. For this to work the school address must have the state identified in Utilities – System File Maintenance – Other Address Detail tab  (Curric Version 2011.2.0.485)

12/02/2012 Added following improvements and enhancements to PCSchool Data Capture:    WALNA (WA-SA NAPLAN) format change to include leading zero in single digit year level. New Government (DEEWR) Student Residential Address Collection File creation and new Government (MCEECDYA)  Unit Record for School Census File creation. (Curric Version 2011.2.0.473)

11/20/2012 Added alert facility to Debtors Module – Account Master File Information – Comments area and enabled email of Debtor Comments. (Debtors Version 2011.2.0.185)

8/02/2012 Added controlling access to Spider Web App in PCSchool.

25/01/2012 Added enhancements to Timetable Development and Subject Allocation (Timetable Version 2011.2.0.44)

17/01/2012 Added Avg Cost and Last Cost to Quick Stock Adjustments in Point of Sale module (POS Version 2011.2.0.82).

9/12/2011 Optimized several end of year functions, inc Roll and Audit file cleanup; Ledger Period End, to take advantage of direct calls to the SQL backend, resulting in significant time saving.

8/12/2011 Added new (2012 format)  NZQA Results Download specification to Scholastic to ensure that result files generated by NZQA can be successfully imported into PCSchool. (Scholastic Ver 2011.2.0.384) Followup2011-2 updated

Added All Domicile to the SMS Internal PCSchool Text Messaging module. This functionality enables the user to select (on a single click) to broadcast a text message to all care givers domiciled with the selected students. This is to ensure blanket coverage when a message must get through quickly eg in the case of “school lockdown” or “disaster notification”

7/12/2011  Altered Specification for Vic NAPLAN for 2012 Spec. Added support for VSN in file.  (Curric Version 2011.2.0.382)

7/12/2011 Fixed bug where Staff Absence created during allocation of Sick Days in Payroll failed to add days absent to Staff record Total Days Absent

6/12/2011 Added ability when transferring Care Givers to the Identity table to elect whether to create Alumini records simultaneously. In the past this was not an option and the Alumni records were automatically created.

5/12/2011 In Result Entry by Spreadsheet added support to have Areas of Assessment display in the order set with the <restrictclassification>AMP</restrictclassification>. In this case the type “A” Areas will display before the type “M”, and finally the type “P” areas.

29/11/2011 Added functionality to Time Table Fixed Lines so that if a subject is added or deleted from the Fixed Line the option appears to propogate this modification to all occurrences of that line in the time table. Also added the facility to propogate a Class name change in the fixed line to all occurrences in the Time table and in the Student Subject choice. The Timetable.exe version for this change is 2011.2.0.16

28/10/2011  PCSchool improves Point of Sale and implements Stock Take feature. For more details downloand the What’s New with POS, POS Reports Tech Tip or updated POS User Manual.

18/10/2011  PCSchool adds support for the “ACARA”  ACARA are seeking Australian schools update their data by Nov 7 2011. PCSchool have added the format for the ACARA collection to the current Data Capture Formats. See Scholastic, Subjects, Data Capture. Go to the MCEETYA Tab and select the file format of ACARA. This will produce a file that can be accessed via Excel. Open the file in Excel and update the information re the School prior to submitting the file to ACARA. The ACARA format requires Scolastic Ver 2011.2.0.254 or highter. This is available by taking the current Followup2011-2.zip from the link


1/10/2011 Added a Sort Order to the Point of Sale Sales Screen to enable sales to be displayed either in “as entered” order or “Stock Code” order. This order preference is tied to the specific user and will be remembered from one session to the next.

25/9/2011 Added Duplicate to Siblings to Absence/Notes and Behavior. This enables an incident or note to be duplicated to other family members at the press of a button so that if an absence or matters such as a specific family custody note are added to a single family member then this can be quickly applied to all family members.

25/9/2011 Added facility to eMerge so that merged documents can be directed to specific sub-folders within PCSchool Document Management. This enabled eMerge to create a template letter, containing information such as the Student Name and other details, and have this document saved to a folder in document management such as Student\Guidance. Such a document can be then opened in Document Management and used to record and guidance notes on the student.

22/9/2011 Added facility to TimeTable Allocation of Covers so that a selected teacher can be allocated to “All remaining Uncovered Periods” as well as “All Subsequent Numeric Periods”

22/9/2011 Fixed minor bug where Staff partial Day absence was recalculated when the record was altered at a later date. Changed the logic so that this recalc only occurs if the date range for the staff absence is changed.

22/9/2011 Fixed bug where <maxcomlength>  in result entry xml was not being applied via Back Office

Published Followup2011-2.zip   Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.178

9/9/2011 Removed the save toolbar from eMerge Preview to remove capacity to save the template while in preview mode

8/9/2011  Added facility in csv Import routine to import Absence records

6/9/2011 Provided the option in Roll Marking to automatically generate a Late Record if a late is marked in a specific period of the day eg If the teacher marks the student as late in Period 1 then the system will automatically create a separate late record in the Late’s section

Published Followup2011-2.zip   Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.157

29/8/2011 – Altered the EMerge control to enable the inclusion of Graphics and HTML as enabled in the email control. Also enabled the ability to write Emails sent via eMerge into Document Management as either “eml” email files or as “rtf” files.

28/8/2011 – In rare instances on some server configurations, in association with Windows 7, Document Management experienced some time delays in moving between folders, similar to the time taken for the Windows Explorer slow search fill experienced in some systems. The Document Management code has been reworked to avoid this Explorer feature, resulting in an immediate response. The new control will also display the tree fully expanded showing all sub folders immediately below the designated PCSchool folder of “Restricted”, “Non-restricted”, and “Shared”

27/8/2011 – Added facility to embed html and graphic files into Email control. See Article

26/8/2011 – In Point of Sale adjusted code so that as students are departed they will be removed as customers so that searches in the POS will be limited to current or intending students.

20/8/2011 – In Payroll for NZ – New Tax Table SB title was not being transferred into the IR 345 file. This is fixed in finance Ver 2011.2.0.34

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