Embedded Ethnicity into Student View Enhances Ethnicity Reporting

21/2/2012 Curric Ver 2011.2.0.489  – visit the PCSchool Downloads Page for the latest version

PCSchool enables the recording of a student’s multiple ethnicities however we have now automated the storing of the overall ethnicity grouping.

In Australia three major groupings are supported (order indicates hierarchy):

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait
  • European Australian
  • Not Aboriginal or Torres Strait

In New Zealand the groupings are  (order indicates hierarchy):

  • NZ Maori
  • Pacifika  (Pacific Island Peoples)
  • SE Asian
  • Other Asian
  • Pakeha
  • European
  • Other

Ethnicity Summary Classification Added to Student View

In order to initially set up this summary field users will need to use the Year End/House-Keeping routine. Once the bulk run has been completed there will be no need to repeat this process as updates will be accommodated as student ethnicity is altered in the Student View.

Initial Bulk Allocation of Ethnic Group

Once allocated this ethnicity grouping is available within the Student Table. Previously ethnicities could only be reported by querying the actual Student Origin table however this reported on all ethnicites of a student resulting in multiple records being printed where a student had more than a single ethnicity. The grouping is stored in the Student.ETHNIC field within the Student Table.

Querying Ethnic Grouping

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