Enhanced Ethnicity Reporting for New Zealand Curriculum

21/2/2012 Curric Ver 2011.2.0.489 – Visit the PCSchool Downloads Page for the latest version

PCSchool has extended its reporting of academic achievement against Ethnicity and Gender with the release of a new report for SQL based schools. The report previously reported against Maori/Non Maori. The new printout now includes all ethnicity groupings as drawn from the new summary ethnic group stored in the Student table.

Enhanced Printout by Ethnicity and Gender

To download the report visit our web site

Once downloaded extract the report to \pcschool\reports\sql

Next Add the report to the Report Alias Settings. If you have previously set up AreaResBB.RPT then you may wish to replace it with this report.  (This report includes all students in the Year level and does not break the groups into individual classes)

Adding Report to Report Alias Settings

You are now ready to print the report through Assessment Related Reports

Launching the Report

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