Change Attendance Status Colours in Spider

Enabled in Spider Version 2012.#####

PCSchool has added the ability to change the colours used for attendance statuses (Present, Medical Absence, Late etc) in the Roll Marking / Absence Review.

Example – if a student is marked Present it shows in DARK GREEN:

However this DARK GREEN can be hard to read, especially on hand held / tablet devices. Now schools, through modification to their AttendanceColour.xml file, can change this colour to one that is easier to read, such as LIGHT GREEN:

If the student is not marked it will always show no colour against the student.

The school can customize the attendance status colours used in Spider by going into the spider folder and to the app_xml folder. The file name to be modified is AttendanceColor.xml, and colour options are shown in the following chart:

Download a PDF copy of the above Colour Chart.

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