Special Day added to Timetable Calendar

6/3/2012  PCSchool has introduced a new type of Calendar Day Entry. The current date range types are:

  • Timetable Cycle Dates  (From start and end of Term
  • Holiday Dates (Single day or multiple days within the Timetable Cycles)
  • Phase Dates (Date ranges that result in subjects being active if in the active phase)

The new type is Special Day.

Setting Special Days

Special days are intended for days within the Timetable cycle date range where students are expected to attend school, but where the normal timetable periods do not apply. Such days would include Sports Days and the like. The special day is written into the Calendar but does not have an associated timetable day. Roll marked on that day will be Form Rolls only as there will be no active Timetable subjects. Because there is no active timetable there will be no unmarked rolls on that day other than form class rolls.

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