Document Management Extended to Access Archived Documents

Document Management within PCSchool has been extended to provide access from all modules to the archived documents of students and families no longer at the school. When a student or family is removed from the data base via Student or Family Removal, all items (documents, emails, Assessment reports etc) previously stored to Document Management are archived in a single file under the students name. This file is a protected zip file and is only available to be viewed within PCSchool, with access controlled from within PCSchool.

Document Management Archive

From with Document Management, provided you have been awarded security rights, you will see a new folder available.

Displaying the Archived Files

To open the desired archive file, locate the file in the right hand pane and double click.  This will then open that Archive in the left pane.

Accessing Archive Files

Should you wish to copy the file to an alternate location then Right Click the file and select “Copy”. Move to the selected folder, either within Document Management (See Show Folders) or locate the desired folder in Windows Explorer, and paste.

Toggle between Folder and Archive Views

To Implement you will need to take the dated 10/3/2012 or later.

We have added a new Security tag to control access to these archives. To implement this  and attach the security to a user group you will need to extract the ssobjcts.tmp file from within the followup to your data folder. Next import this file via Utilities Data Import/Export

Importing New Security Objects

The user responsible for allocating PCSchool security will then be able to add this access to selected groups and thereby users.

Updating User Security

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