Enhanced Attendance Audit Report for New South Wales Schools

Available Followup 2011.2.0.668  Release 27/5/2012

PCSchool has altered the NSW Attendance Audit report to bring it  in line with the 2012 audit requirements for roll marking. We have now added the absence status in the Roll Report.

Attendance Roll Report

The printout is launched via Absence & Behaviour Reports

Launching the report

You can download the report files at

For SQL clients   Download and extract the .rpt file to \pcschool\reports\sql on your server

For Non SQL Clients    Download and extract the .rpt file to \pcschool\reports on your server

If you don’t see the report as an available Report Style then you will need to add it as below.

Adding the Report Style

If you are running the SQL version of this report and it runs but comes up with no data then firstly check your selection criteria. If OK then you may need to update some report engine files. Download here  Should this step be necessary download the file and extract contents to C:\Program Files\PCSchool\Programs or the directory from which you are launching the PCSchool Admin program.

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