Changes to MOE Roll Returns for MSD Initiative

The New Zealand Ministry of Education  released a new specification for the Roll Returns on 7th May 2012. Schools were notified of these changes relating to Youth Services and the Ministry of Social Development.

The changes have resulted in additional field being added to the MOE file. These changes relate to provision of additional details on student contact details. Students have the right to request that these details not be released to MSD, in which case PCSchool will pass blank fields instead of the actual address data. Should a student wish their information withheld then schools will need to add this election to the Student User Defined area of PCSchool.

Tagging students to withhold address details

Schools will be required from time to time to submit a csv file to the MSD. This can be done at any time using the standard MOE Return routine. To create such a file go to Roll Returns and select a Roll Period of MSD.

Creating the MSD file

This facility is shipped in Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.655 or higher. The followup is available from here

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