Followup 2012 Development History

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Changes to PCSchool Version include:

11/11/2013 Point of Sale Ver 2012.2.0.105 Enabled ability to see student Current Year and House in Sales View, making it easier for sales staff to check student is purchasing the correct house/sport shirt. POS Sales View with Year & House

7/11/2013 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.801 (SQL schools only) Enabled the ability to see the users logged onto the SQL server via the Audit Log in Scholastic module. Will show the users logged in as well as the SQL_DRV.dll driver version.SQL - View users logged on

30/10/2013 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.801 (NZ Schools only) Enabled ability to export data in CSV format for uploading to DreamCatcher.

28/10/2013 Debtors Ver 2012.2.0.305 Enabled the ability to add an entry at the top of the transaction grid by going to the top and pressing Up Arrow. If adding alphabetically then the list will immediately display a new entry in the correct alpha order and the user will no longer be at the top of the list. The user will need to return to the top of the list and again arrow up for a new entry. This scrolling can be avoided by entering student in reverse Alpha order at the top of the grid. Debtor Billing

20/10/2013 Finance Ver 2012.2.0.256  Altered Ledger Batch Import so that if there is no GST in the exported batch then there will be no GST calculated in the imported batch.

20/10/2013 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.786 Created DreamCatcher Export.DreamCatcher Export

18/10/2013 – Curric Ver 2012.2.0.785 Added ability for NZ Schools to extract the necessary information for the 2013 NZSSSC School Sport Census.

11/10/2013 – Curric Ver 2012.2.0.775 Added export format for the new ACARA data extract requirements for Australian Schools.

5/10/2013 Timetable 2012.2.0.170  Added support for export to TimeTabler Ver 8


25/9/2013 Curriculum NZQA Ver 2012.2.0.723  Added test for duplicated standards. Where they occur user is notified.

25-09-2013 8-07-21 AM

24/09/2013 Debtors Ver 2012.2.0.281 – Added Payment Tender to Tag Set. It is now possible to select families in a Tagset based on their recorded payment tender. Used in association with the Account Master File View the user is now able to move through the family database constrained to only those families in the tagset ie those families with a particular payment tender. This should enable rapid update of families Payment Plans.

24-09-2013 4-31-05 PM

20/09/2013 Payroll / Finance version 2012.2.0.240 – For NZ Schools – created new PayCode Type of ‘SP – Schedular Payment’ to be used for with-holding tax purposes. Amounts paid to employees using this type will have tax deducted at the ‘Casual Tax Rate %’ assigned to the pay code.With-holding Tax Pay Code

17/09/2013 Timetable version 2012.2.0.160 – Additional filter options added to the Timetable module to give access to Fixed Lines and display timetable in a number or ways to see when teachers or rooms are used or spare.Timetable - Access LinesTimetable - Display with Filters

16/08/2013 Debtors – New report for Bank Deposit printout in Debtors – previous version was not compatible with Windows 8. Download SQL Version OR NonSQL Version.

13/08/201 Curric – Added ‘Result’ field to the Personal Development tab in Quick Student Data Entry, allowing schools to allocate results along with PD records to students. Curric version 2013.2.0.653Personal Development Result

12/08/2013 Curric – Added additional static fields to ‘Data’ type areas of assessment to include Student Number (being the exam number or NSN for the student). This can aid in the import of results into a Markbook. Curric version 2013.2.0.653Student Number Datafield

1/08/2013 Curric – Student Family Occupation data output for Victorian Schools. Curric version 2013.2.0.574.

29/07/2013 Debtors – Added CBA BPoint format to Execute Payments and Receipt Entry for Credit Card deductions in Debtors.CBA BPoint

27/06/2013 Curriculum – Attendance. Enhanced ability to print attendance reports including or excluding specific absence status. This ability would be especially useful to NSW schools if they wish to exclude the X (first/last day of term status from reports). Curriculum Version 2012.2.0.537.Absence Status

26/06/2013 Curriculum. Ability to export email addresses. Curric Version 2012.2.0.535.Export Email Address

21/06/2013 Finance – Payroll. Proposed superannuation payment date added to Payroll Generation. Finance Version 2012.2.0.153.

5/06/2013 Curriculum. Ability to sort absences in Student Absence, Lates and Behaviour by ascending or descending date order. Curric Version 2012.2.0.521.Absence Order

12/04/2013 Curriculum. When creating a Student Tag Set based on ‘Oldest in Family’ – which is usually based on students in *C – you can tick to ‘constrain to selected years’. This means it will select the oldest student in the family in the year grouping (eg. *P – Primary School) rather than oldest in the family in the school (eg. *C – All Current Students). Curric Version 2012.2.0.438.Student Tag Set

10/04/2013 Curriculum. Option to allocate areas of assessment to students subjects based on the students campus. Curric Version 2012.2.0.429Curriculum Control Files

06/04/2013 Payroll. Pay/Unit field on Pay Detail tab will now reflect the TOTAL value of all pay tables (type PT) attached to the employee in the Standard Pay tab. Finance Version 2012.20.138.Payroll Pay_Unit

11/3/2013 Debtors. Added support for EzyPay format for importing payment details into Receipt entry.

28/11/2012 EMail. Added the facility to set the default Email and EMerge font and size. This default font will be system wide. Curric Ver 2012.2.0.278

Setting the default font

27/11/2012 PAYROLL NZ Changed calculation for SLCIR additional payments. Finance Ver 2012.2.0.87

20/11/2012 DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT – PAYROLL  Adjusted access to Payslip Subfolder in Document Management so that it is only available within Back Office to users with security clearance to print Payroll Reports. Within Spider individual users have access to only their Payslip sub-folder.

16/10/2012 Imagine being able to print a drop off street map for your Biology Class. Read more…

Powered by PCSchool and Google Maps 

31/08/2012 Added new fields to Student Import CSV to include Email Contact Option for Alternate Address 1 and 2. Followup posted 31/01/2012 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.88

30/08/2012 Debtor Billing Based on Family Status fixed in Batch Billing View. Students can now be billed based on the Family Status attached to the Family. Followup posted 30/08/2012 Debtor Ver 2012.2.0.29

30/8/2012 Timetable  Modified External Time Table Interface import routine to enable user to allow for duplicates in the import file. Added Import functionality to import Soft Option Student Preferences  Followup posted 30/8/2012 Timetable Ver 2012.2.0.29

30/8/2012 Curriculum  Added facility to save Out Of Column to markbooks for all types of Areas of Assessment. Curric.exe Ver 2012.2.0.71

27/8/2012 Finance PAYROLL  Added facility to create a sub folder in Staff Document Management to store Payslips.  If specified Payslips will be written to the subfolder \Payslip rather than the parent file Finance Ver 2012.2.0.21  Followup posted

24/8/2012  Finance PAYROLL  NZ Fixed bug in Pay Generation where ESCT tax was not being calculated on VOLUNTARY type  Superannuation  Finance Ver 2012.2.0.12  Followup posted

19/8/2012  Assessment  Added the facility to include the Out Of Column to any assessment item (of Type “Academic”) saved into the markbook.

19/8/2012  TimeTable Altered the Teacher Timetable printout to show both subjects and classes on a teacher timetable where that teacher has a mixed class in any single time table period. Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

17/8/2012 Email  Added functionality to the email view so that if a template is loaded into an email, and that template contains merge fields accessing data in the database, then that email will automatically populate with the database information.  Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

If using gMail as your SMPT Server we have enabled you to change, via Mail settings, the name of the authenticated EMail From Account. Should this be changed, the software will then prompt for a new password when the email is next sent. Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

Added the facility to reduce the Timeout period for an email. Where providers such as Gmail may take over a minute to respond to an email request, on occassion this cause PCSchool to return a “Socket Time Out” error. This could be remedied by extending the timeout allowing the server time to respond. An alternate approach was to reduce the timeout, this significantly enhancing the throughput of the email module, and having the software assume that the email was successfully handled by the server. A new check box has been added to email settings to “Ignore Timeout” so as not to report socket errors. Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

August 2012 – Released Followup to Update 2012

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