Creating new Sub-Folders in Document Manager using tag sets

Using Tag Sets to target specific groups you can now quickly and simply create sub-folders within any Document Management folder in PCSchool.

You will need to be on version 2012.2.0.87 or later, so after downloading the latest Followup from our website please check this number by going to Help – About on your toolbar.

Download the latest followup from the Downloads page of our website:

This new feature will enable schools to quickly create sub folders that will allow grouping of types of documents eg 2012 could enable all information for the year to be grouped within the main folders, a sub folder called reports could allow all assessment reports to be grouped in a folder or similarly correspondence or statements.

This feature is found in Quick Student Data Entry:

Export to eMerge takes you to the eMerge window as below:

Adding a Timetables sub folder to the Student folder as an example:

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