Spider – Optional Payments in ‘Pay Student Fees’ is now sensitive to tag set

Available in Spider Version 2013.05.14.xxx and above.

PCSchool have now made the Optional Payments in the ‘Pay Student Fees’ control sensitive to a saved student tag set. This means that the optional fee will only show for those students in the tag set not for all students / families as was previously the case.

The first step is to create and save a student tag set of the students to be included (via PCSchool BackOffice) and save this tag set into the pcschool/documents/webpayments folder on the server. save student tagset

Next open the ‘payments.xml’ and add the tagset name which defines students to which this payment is related to.Paymentsxml

Once the tagset has been saved and the xml modified the parent, if they have a student in the tagset, will see the optional charge on their Student Fees screen in the Spider.Student Fees View

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