Spider – Caregivers ability to see Student Address details

Available in Spider Version 2013.08.12.xxx or above.

PCSchool has now enhanced the ability for schools to hide or display student address details from various caregivers when viewed in the Student Information control.

There are two security objects that can be used to set these rights for different caregivers. they are:Security Objects

If you have “Spider Show Address” object for any users “User Rights”, then they can see the address. But if the “Deny Address Access” exists, then that overrides all other security related to this.

Split family in spider:

  •    By default don’t show the address
  •    If you have object 289, then it will show address

Normal family in spider:

  •    By default show the address
  •    If they have object 292, then don’t show address

You need to update the spider if you want this to work and download an import a new SSObjects.tmp file. The SSObjects.tmp file can be found in the latest Programs Followup, once downloaded the .tmp file should be added to the PCSchool\Data folder on the server and then imported in: Import SSObjects File

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