Data Structure Changes 2014.0

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IMPORTANT: the following data structure changes have been made to the database tables in PCSchool, and may not yet be implemented or visible to the user after the update. Changes to the front end / user interface will be made in subsequent Version 2014 program followups and will be made available via the PCSchool website.

Strike through indicates implementation

Personal Development Codes:

  1. Added Award Type Ascii 10 (attached to Codemast field type “AWARDTYPE”  Use this to store such headings as CUP, CERTIFICATE 
  2. Added Criteria (text 500) to enable user to explain what is the criteria for this award

Personal and Professional Development

Added a new table to enable Professional Development entries to have Focus Areas appended.

  1. Table FOCUSAREA  links to Maintenance Codes of Type FOCUSAREA
  2. Added UniqueIF field to Personal Development Table, EXTRA, to give a unique link for the Focus Area

Co Curriculum

  1. Added Elective to Type of Activity and to season selection list
  2. Added Criteria Text field to Activity for use with help text in CoCurricular Choice
  3. Added fields for billing to Co-Curric Activity
  4. Added Points (Num 2) to CoCurric Activity for racking Co-Curric involvement


    • Non_Refund_Fee (Component of fee that is non refundable)
    • Refund_Fee (Refundable component of fee
    • Cost Centre (Debtor cost centre to use when billing)
    • Cost_Centre_RF  (Debtor cost centre to use when billing refunfable component)
    • Bill_To (Debtors or Sundry Debtors)


    • Fee
    • Refundable Fee
    • Billing Invoice Reference


  1. Added table support for Vocational Pathways to enable tracking of student re vocational readiness. Table 196 PATHWAYS  Links to Standard Table and Area of Assessment table.
  2. Added fields to Standard table to cater for UE_Lit_Maori_Read  and UE_Lit_Maori_Writing
  3. Added new table structure to support new markbook design inc formulas in the markbook. New tables include
    • MKBOOKH  replacing MBHeader
    • MKBOOKC removing column heading data from MBHeader
    • MKBOOKF used to store formula information for markbook columns
    • MKBOOKD will replace MARKBOOK


  1. Added table CALCAMP to support multi-campus in the calendar and time table
  2. Added Campus to table TIMEPHAS to support multi-campus in the calendar and time table.
  3. Added CAMPUS to Timepdhd table to enhance support for multi campus

Staff Table (Added to Staff View  17/2/2014)

  1. Added House to Staff table
  2. Added KnownAs
  3. Added a new Table for ROLE to record roles of staff. Role codes stored in Maintenance View under Type = ROLE. Roles would include Principal, Year Co-Ordinator etc
  4. Added Spouse and Spouse phone
  5. Added Dormitory

Created Table for Vehicles to enable Vehicles to be assigned to Staff or Students

Reports Help

  1. Added LINK field to Report table to enable referencing to a url to provide on line help associated with a specific report
  2. Added field for Associated EMail where users can assign email addresses to be associated with a report. This enables a report to be emailed to automatically to a series of preset emails.

Ledger Reports

  1. Created Table REPSEQ to enable one ledger report to point to a series of reports that will be run when the specific report is selected. This will enable a single report to be selected eg MONTH END and this single report will result in a number of reports being printed, instead of having to individually selct each report in turn.

Financial Scheduling

  1. Created table FINSCHED for scheduling standing journals and for use in repeating Creditor transactions


  1. Added SECGROUPIN to Library Patron table to enable local security support for the library
  2. Added fields to LIBLOAN to cater for last return dates for different loan types. Lastdate, l1date, l2date, l3date, l4date, l5date
  3. Added SUPPLIERID to Library Supplier table to link back to valid Creditor and Identity records via Member#
  4. Add field to LIBMAST for Target Audience

Student Table

  1. Added field for Epilepsy
  2. Added field for Deputy Principal
  3. Added field for Antihistermine Allowed
  4. added Health Care Card number and Expiry date
  5. Added field to record date of Year End for use in SIF compliance
  6. Added Medicare Expiry Date
  7. Added Vaccination fields
    1. Rotavirus 2mths
    2. Rotavirus 4 mths
    3. MMR 18 mths
    4. HIB 12 mths
  8. Added Visa Class and Visa Expiry Date

Added CLASLINK Table that will be used to auto allocate data based on a students Home or Core Class or Form Teacher

  1. associates Teachers with Form or Core Class and Home Rooms
  2. associates Deans and Deputy Principals with Form Class or Form Teacher

Sysfile Table

  1. Added fields to indicate associations between fields refrenced in CLASLINK


  1. Added Field to each Care Giver enabling them to be tagged via Checkbox. Primary use is to label Care Givers as Voting Rights
  2. Added State to the Other Address Tab


  1. Added fields into Paystd, Paytemp and Paytrans to improve monitoring of leave accruals, namely LEAVE_ACC  and  LS_ACC
  2. Added Long Service Acc YTD and LS Accrual Anniversary Date to cater for NSW award so that LSL accrued in a current year does not fall due until anniversary date is reached.

Payroll Super Control Table

  1. Added fields to SUPER to enable recording of specific Super Control Liability account details so that Super Providers can have their own Liability Control Accounts rather than use the default.
  2. Added Spin Number to Payroll SUPER table

Roll Table

  1. Add index to Roll  (Student Subject Year Class Date Recnum)  to  enable optimisation in absence calc in Crystal Report based on Roll attendance.

Teacher Absent table TCHABSNT

  1. Added Status to enable reason for absence (similar to student absence) to be recorded
  2. Added Doc_Sighted check box

Added Table CAMPUS

  1. Sits below Sysfile to store campus specific system entries that relate to that Campus, such as Timetable days and periods etc. Table links to Identity table to retrieve campus specific address and banking information.


  1. Added additional comment field for Result comment (POST_COMMENT)
  2. Added field for Location (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = LOCATION)
  3. Added field for Referred_BY (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  4. Added field for Referred_TO (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  5. Added field for Severity. Values
    • Minor
    • Repeated Minor
    • Major
  6. Added field for Motivation (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = MOTIVATION)
  7. Added field for Others Involved. Values  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = INVOLVED) eg .
    • None
    • Peers
    • Teacher
    • Relief Teacher
    • Non Teaching Staff

Incident Tracker

  1. Added field for Location
  2. Added field for Time_Of_Day  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = TIMEOFDAY)
  3. Added Referred_By  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  4. Added Referred_To  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  5. Added Approach  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = APPROACH)
  6. Added Post_Comment
  7. Added fields to Incident Codes table to enable identification of specific code lists for specific types of incident
  8. Added Security to Incident types so that types can be controlled by security of user

Ledger Posting Table (CBPOST)

  1. Added monthly fields to record the budget for an account for the next year
  2. Added Year to Date budget fields to record budgets for the next 5 years

Ledger Project Codes

  1. Added a Ledger Budget report name to be associated with the project

Keys and Key Usage

  1. Field to store Date Key Returned to the Key Usage table
  2. Comment field added to Key Usage table

Creditor Order Item Table

  1. Added Index for Creditor Code

PosPayment Methods

  1. Added Round option to allow user to specify specific tenders that require rounding


  1. Added Invoice# for later use to support creation of Invoices


  1. Added Invoice# for later use to support creation of Invoices


  1. Added tables to break down a Campaign
    • ALUMFUND Break a Campiagn into sub funds
    • ALUMAPP  to enable Campaigns to be broken into Appeals
    • ALUMPACK enables Appeals to be broken into individual packages

POS Stock Table (POSSTCKL)

  1. Added Year field so that stock can be restricted to a year level

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