Victorian Schools – Secondary School Vaccine Program

Secondary School Changes for 2015

PCSchool will be implementing the following data capture changes in our next program update  – Curric Version 2014.7.0.461 or above.

Public Health and Wellbeing regulations in Victoria have recently been amended to allow schools to supply basic student details to councils.

It is optional for parents to report the details.

If parents do not want the information sent to councils then tick the radio box ‘Do not share data with vaccination authority’.1

Path:               Subjects → Data Capture → DEPT EDUC (Aust)

Use a Tag set to select the Students.2

Go to the DEPT EDUC (Aust) tab.3


 1 Enter the School Number
 2 In File Format select Immunisation Upload (Vic).
 3 These fields are not used for this report.
 4 Tick both radio boxes.
 5 Select a destination for the report where you will be able to find it.
 6 Click Preview.

If you receive any critical errors they may need to be fixed before continuing. If you only receive warnings click the Complete button that will now be active.5

Find the file for uploading.6

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