Spider Enhancements & Patches for Version 2015

PCSchool ‘Spider’ was developed to deliver a very simple, customisable and intuitive front end across a browser interface for Teacher, Caregiver and Student use.

For more information see: Spider Flyer  |  Spider Tech Tips  |  Spider Tech Blog

To determine what Version of Spider you are using log onto Spider and see the Version number at the bottom of the screen:Spider Version

Below are new Enhancements & Bug Fixes for Spider Version 2015:

07/05/2015 – Administration control. Access now enabled on this control. Users must have ‘Spider Update Administration’ security item in User Rights Equivalence to be able ‘update controls text’ and ‘update configuration file’ in the Administration control. Available in Spider version 2015.05.07 and above.

04/05/2015 – Markbook V2. Decimal validation added, setup via Result Table type in Back Office > Curriculum Control Files. Now allows numeric values WITH decimals and WITHOUT decimals to be entered into markbook. Available in Spider version 2015.05.04 and above.

30/04/2015 – Web Based Purchase Orders. Now supports GL project types of ‘Print Range’ or Order Projects. Available in Spider version 2015.04.30 and above.Web Orders -Project Codes

29/04/2015 – Markbook V2. Added ability to Download to CSV in markbook. Available in Spider version 2015.04.29 and above.MarkbookV2-Export to CSV

29/04/2015 – Markbook V2. Added new AVERAGE formula. Allowing to average marks across certain columns excluding where no mark given. Available in Spider version 2015.04.29 and above.

  • 8 | 3 | 5 | 9  Ave  = 6.3 ie the sum divided by 4
  • 7 |    | 6 | 4  Ave = 5.7  ie the sum divided by 3 not divided by the 4 columns

14/04/2015Incident Tracker. Security enhanced to restrict view and setup rights and who can create certain TYPES of incidents. Available in Spider version 2015.04.14 and above.

09/04/2015Email Selection now includes tab for ‘Primary Caregivers’ and ‘Alternate Caregivers’ and shows the address tab the contact is attached to and the contacts status. Available in Spider version 2015.04.09 and above.Email-Prim&Alt

02/04/2015Email Selection now includes students Dean and DP (Deputy Principal). Available in Spider version 2015.04.02 and above.

Email-Dean&DP02/04/2015 Behaviour Workflows email selection now includes students Dean and Deputy. Now allows multiple actions in a workflow.  Available in Spider version 2015.04.02 and above.behaviour-Dean&DP

02/04/2015 Markbook V2Available in Spider version 2015.04.02 and above.

  • Data saving is now case sensitive. Allows you to save both ‘n’ and ‘N’ or change ‘n’ to ‘N’.
  • If the student has withdrawn from a Standard / area of assessment, it will show in orange and the column will be locked restricting changes.

01/04/2015Financial Reporting. Security enhanced – users require 640-Ledger Reports to be able to access control, 620-Ledger Maintenance Tasks to access ‘Setup’ for control and must be attached to a Project Code to view financial information for budget areas. Available in Spider version 2015.04.01 and aboveFinReporting-Security

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