PAT Result Entry xml’s in Spider (NZ Schools)

Available in Spider Version 2012.03.07.XX and above.

The PAT tests are standard tests for Numeracy, Literacy, Speaking etc used by New Zealand Schools. Once the tests have been sat by students the school receives back the Raw Score or Grade for each student that then needs to be entered into a PAT Result xml that will calculate the Percentile and Stanine based on the PAT result table attached to the area of assessment. For more detail on PAT visit the PCSchool Website.

PCSchool has now added the ability in the Spider for Teachers to forcefully recalculate the Percentile and Stanine should the wrong result table have been attached when originally generated.

If in Result Entry the teacher selects an xml format with ‘PAT’ in the name, two additional options will be displayed in the view as shown below:

Recalculate On Save – means do you want to forcefully recalculate the data base on the result table attached to the subject/area of assessment.

PAT Submission Date – is the date of the PAT tests. Based on the date entered here, the students age is calculated.

Once you Save or Submit the data the new / recalculated scores will be returned and the Submission date displayed in the result entry view:

Note: the Date Submitted beside each student is a datalabel in the xml and can only be generated based on the date entered at the top, Teachers cannot enter or edit this field manually.



Review of all prior assessment results for students in current subject class

PCSchool have released a revamped SQL printout enabling teachers to print, for all members of their current class, all prior results from subjects studied in previous years that have the same Key Area.

Printing student result history for a specific Subject Key Area

Subject Key Areas are identified in the Subject Control File.

Adding a Key Area to Subject

The marks displayed are the Grade Result stored against Areas of Assessment of types A and M.

To download the report visit  Open the file and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql on the server.

This report will need to be added to the Report Alias Settings as an Assessment Related Report as below:

Adding report to Report Alias Table

Enhanced Ethnicity Reporting for New Zealand Curriculum

21/2/2012 Curric Ver 2011.2.0.489 – Visit the PCSchool Downloads Page for the latest version

PCSchool has extended its reporting of academic achievement against Ethnicity and Gender with the release of a new report for SQL based schools. The report previously reported against Maori/Non Maori. The new printout now includes all ethnicity groupings as drawn from the new summary ethnic group stored in the Student table.

Enhanced Printout by Ethnicity and Gender

To download the report visit our web site

Once downloaded extract the report to \pcschool\reports\sql

Next Add the report to the Report Alias Settings. If you have previously set up AreaResBB.RPT then you may wish to replace it with this report.  (This report includes all students in the Year level and does not break the groups into individual classes)

Adding Report to Report Alias Settings

You are now ready to print the report through Assessment Related Reports

Launching the Report

Student Management School Software – Better Assessment Analysis

PCSchool releases a new Assessment Analysis printout to better enable schools to assess the comparative performance of a class, ethnicity or gender against the cumulative performance of other student in the class; other students across the same subject; other students across all subjects.

A sample of the report output is as below

For sql back end sites click on link to download  (Report unavailable for non sql sites)

The report will need to be added to report alias settings as shown

For more information contact our support centre or visit our Web Site

Sample of printouts