Spider – Student Attendance Codes are Sensitive to Caregiver

Available in Spider Version 2013.03.15.xxx and above.

PCSchool Spider is now sensitive to which absence records to be shown to care givers. Only those absences that are considered an ‘absence’ will be displayed to caregivers.Attendancecodes_xml

This feature has been implemented so that parents only see ‘true’ absences, as a student may be on a ‘school based activity’ – absent from the school campus, but still attending school for the day) and caregivers may find these codes misleading.

This change is controlled by a key in the Spider Configuration File which says “CAREGIVER_ABSENCESTATUS_FILTER”. If this is true, then only the above logic of filtering is applied.

Spider – Student Absence Review Improved

Available in Spider Version 2013.2.28.XXXX and above.

PCSchool has improved the ability for teachers to review student absences through the Spider. Now through the ‘Student Absence Review’ control and the ‘Absence Entry’/’Roll Marking’ control there is an additional [?] button that when clicked gives greater detail on the students absences.

28-02-2013 11-30-00 PM

This gives the detail:28-02-2013 11-30-23 PM28-02-2013 11-30-48 PMIn the Absence Entry  or Roll Marking a similar [?] button can be found:28-02-2013 11-32-31 PM


Spider Security – Teacher Timetable

Available in Spider Version 2012.08.20.xxx and above.

PCSchool has implemented the teacher selection in TEACHER TIMETABLE. This is based on a security object that was released with a new version of pcschool.

 Security Object:

1106 – “Restrict timetable to user” – if the user has ACCESS to this object, then they cannot select other teachers in TEACHER TIMETABLE

 The new interface of TEACHER TIMETABLE as follows:

If the user has the security object then:

If not, the Teacher will see the screen below with the teacher selection drop down:

Enhanced Attendance Audit Report for New South Wales Schools

Available Followup 2011.2.0.668  Release 27/5/2012

PCSchool has altered the NSW Attendance Audit report to bring it  in line with the 2012 audit requirements for roll marking. We have now added the absence status in the Roll Report.

Attendance Roll Report

The printout is launched via Absence & Behaviour Reports

Launching the report

You can download the report files at

For SQL clients   Download and extract the .rpt file to \pcschool\reports\sql on your server

For Non SQL Clients    Download and extract the .rpt file to \pcschool\reports on your server

If you don’t see the report as an available Report Style then you will need to add it as below.

Adding the Report Style

If you are running the SQL version of this report and it runs but comes up with no data then firstly check your selection criteria. If OK then you may need to update some report engine files. Download here  Should this step be necessary download the file and extract contents to C:\Program Files\PCSchool\Programs or the directory from which you are launching the PCSchool Admin program.

Special Day added to Timetable Calendar

6/3/2012  PCSchool has introduced a new type of Calendar Day Entry. The current date range types are:

  • Timetable Cycle Dates  (From start and end of Term
  • Holiday Dates (Single day or multiple days within the Timetable Cycles)
  • Phase Dates (Date ranges that result in subjects being active if in the active phase)

The new type is Special Day.

Setting Special Days

Special days are intended for days within the Timetable cycle date range where students are expected to attend school, but where the normal timetable periods do not apply. Such days would include Sports Days and the like. The special day is written into the Calendar but does not have an associated timetable day. Roll marked on that day will be Form Rolls only as there will be no active Timetable subjects. Because there is no active timetable there will be no unmarked rolls on that day other than form class rolls.

Change Attendance Status Colours in Spider

Enabled in Spider Version 2012.#####

PCSchool has added the ability to change the colours used for attendance statuses (Present, Medical Absence, Late etc) in the Roll Marking / Absence Review.

Example – if a student is marked Present it shows in DARK GREEN:

However this DARK GREEN can be hard to read, especially on hand held / tablet devices. Now schools, through modification to their AttendanceColour.xml file, can change this colour to one that is easier to read, such as LIGHT GREEN:

If the student is not marked it will always show no colour against the student.

The school can customize the attendance status colours used in Spider by going into the spider folder and to the app_xml folder. The file name to be modified is AttendanceColor.xml, and colour options are shown in the following chart:

Download a PDF copy of the above Colour Chart.

Better display School Attendance on a Specific Date

PCSchool has enhanced our Attendance/Enrolment functionality to better report on the students attending the school on any prior date. Scholastic Ver 2011-2.0.100   This Attendance Data is available in a variety of formats including year level, Ethnicity and Gender tables.

The report above is available at Download report for SQL and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql on the server

or Download for Non SQL  and extract to \pcschool\reports on the server

The report is launched via Absence and Behaviour Reports as below:

To further enhance attendance reporting PCSchool has added a selection to its very popular Tag Set to enable the user to select those students from the database who attended the school on a specific date. The year level selection for this can be based on the student’s year level on that date. Such a Tag Set could then be used to produce any of the PCSchool Standard Reports such as address labels or could be used to message (SMS) or email those students.

For more information about our Student Management School Administration School Software visit  www.pcschool.net