Spider – Attendance Period Descriptions Display Heading and made sensitive to Year Level

Available in Spider Version 2013.04.24.xxx and above.

PCSchool Spider will now label the attendance periods with the ‘Heading’ rather than the ‘Time of Day’ .Period Headings

The Spider has also been made sensitive to the attendance period Year Level – displaying only those periods that are relevant to the student / class selected.Sensitive to Year Level




Spider Absence Entry V2 – not allowing second year to be selected for first period of double

Bug Fix available in Spider Version 2013.04.04.xxx or above.

Issue: School has several classes that are composite (consist of multiple year levels) with double periods in the timetable. Example:Composite Classes

Several teachers prefer to use the ‘Absence Entry V2’ control in Spider to mark the roll, however the system will allow them to select ‘Year 10’ and mark the attendance for the first period of the double lesson, but will not allow them to select ‘Year 9’ and mark the attendance for the first period of the double. Example:Composite Classes - Absence Entry V2

Solution: This issue has been resolved and a fix is available by updating to Spider Version 2013.04.04.xxx or above.

Spider – Student Attendance Codes are Sensitive to Caregiver

Available in Spider Version 2013.03.15.xxx and above.

PCSchool Spider is now sensitive to which absence records to be shown to care givers. Only those absences that are considered an ‘absence’ will be displayed to caregivers.Attendancecodes_xml

This feature has been implemented so that parents only see ‘true’ absences, as a student may be on a ‘school based activity’ – absent from the school campus, but still attending school for the day) and caregivers may find these codes misleading.

This change is controlled by a key in the Spider Configuration File which says “CAREGIVER_ABSENCESTATUS_FILTER”. If this is true, then only the above logic of filtering is applied.

Spider – Student Absence Review Improved

Available in Spider Version 2013.2.28.XXXX and above.

PCSchool has improved the ability for teachers to review student absences through the Spider. Now through the ‘Student Absence Review’ control and the ‘Absence Entry’/’Roll Marking’ control there is an additional [?] button that when clicked gives greater detail on the students absences.

28-02-2013 11-30-00 PM

This gives the detail:28-02-2013 11-30-23 PM28-02-2013 11-30-48 PMIn the Absence Entry  or Roll Marking a similar [?] button can be found:28-02-2013 11-32-31 PM


Spider Behaviour and Notes Security Update

Available in Spider Version 2013.2.27.XXXX and above.

PCSchool Spider based Behaviour and Notes will now be sensitive to the security set in back office, eliminating the current need for two separate controls: ‘Behaviour & Notes’ and ‘Behaviour & Notes – All Comments’.

28-02-2013 11-20-15 PM

The security objects are:

  • 424 view all behaviour
  • 426 behaviour and merits
  • 427 notes
  • 428 special notes

Spider – Student Behaviour & Notes

Available in Spider Version 2012.08.20.xxx and above.

PCSchool has modified the Student Behaviour & Notes control to now display the description of the ‘Time of Day’ and ‘Behaviour’ codes.

Behaviour Action Reports available in Spider

Available in Spider Version 2012.03.27.xxx and above.

PCSchool now allows for Action reports (used to followup disciplinary incidents) to be printed from the ‘Behaviour Notes – ALL COMMENTS’ control.

In the Behaviour Notes – All Comments control you can click on the ‘Print Actions’ button to open the report launch:

The report launch will load. Here you can select the various criteria you wish to use for selecting which actions to include in the report (such as Date Range, Sing Off and Action Type):