Vocational Pathways

PCSchool has now added support for Vocational Pathways.

Requires Followup2014 Scholastic Version 2014.7.0.211. Download now

These pathways include:

  • Construction and Infastructure
  • Manufacturing and technology
  • Primary industries
  • The service industries
  • Social and community services

In New Zealand the NZQA release predefined pathways for the standards on offer. This file can be uploaded to automatically populate PCSchool. The most recent copy of the NZQA upload file is available here. The file you require from this download is Pathway.csv

Download this file and add the pathways for standards to PCSchool as below.

Uploading Pathway.zip  file downlaoded from PCSchool Website

Uploading Pathway.zip file downlaoded from PCSchool Website


Pathways can also be added manually to Areas of Assessment other than “Standards”


Manually adding pathways to Areas of Assessment

Manually adding pathways to Areas of Assessment



DreamCatcher CSV Export (NZ Schools Only)

Available in Curric Version 2012.2.0.801 or above.

PCSchool has enabled the ability to create a file in a CSV format for uploading to DreamCatcher  –   Download PDF for instructions.

DreamCatcher assists New Zealand’s youth by giving them the tools to help them make informed decisions for their future. It allows students and parents to share in career planning.DreamCatcher



Spider – Subject Assessment Due Dates Propagated to Calendar from ‘Subject & Assessment Criteria’ control

Available in Spider version 2013.10 and above (Post Conference release available end October).

PCSchool has made further enhancements to the Subject and Assessment Criteria control, now linking it to the Calendar. Due dates for assessment items can be entered in via the Subject and Assessment Criteria control with the ability to also add attachments (either files or hyperlinks).Add Assessment Date and Attachment

These dates are then propagated to the Calendar within Spider and visible to to students, caregivers and teachers that have that subject attached to them in the timetable or for assessment.Propagated to Calendar

Spider – Subject Information available throughout Spider

Available in Spider version 2013.10 and above (Post Conference release available end October).

PCSchool has now enhanced the ability for students, caregivers and teachers to view Subject Information throughout the Spider.

Previously information added to to subjects via the Subject and Assessment Criteria control was only made available to students / caregivers when selecting subjects via the On-Line Student Subject Selection, now this information will show against the subject where-ever it may be displayed within the Spider.Online Subject SelectionResult EntryMy ClassesStudent Information

Release of PCSchool “Geo” Mapping Tool

Imagine being able to print a drop off street map for your Biology Class. Read more…

Powered by PCSchool and Google Maps 

Report for reporting SFO Student Family Occupatons

Recently the Victorian Government advised that it required statistics based on Student Family Occupation data. PCSchool has released a report to provide individual student and summary data according to this specification. The report will identify the most significant form of employment where multiple parents record their employment data.

The Report and Source of Data

Adding the report to PCSchool

For SQL download the SQL report and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql

For Non SQL download the Non SQL format and extract to \pcschool\reports

PAT Result Entry xml’s in Spider (NZ Schools)

Available in Spider Version 2012.03.07.XX and above.

The PAT tests are standard tests for Numeracy, Literacy, Speaking etc used by New Zealand Schools. Once the tests have been sat by students the school receives back the Raw Score or Grade for each student that then needs to be entered into a PAT Result xml that will calculate the Percentile and Stanine based on the PAT result table attached to the area of assessment. For more detail on PAT visit the PCSchool Website.

PCSchool has now added the ability in the Spider for Teachers to forcefully recalculate the Percentile and Stanine should the wrong result table have been attached when originally generated.

If in Result Entry the teacher selects an xml format with ‘PAT’ in the name, two additional options will be displayed in the view as shown below:

Recalculate On Save – means do you want to forcefully recalculate the data base on the result table attached to the subject/area of assessment.

PAT Submission Date – is the date of the PAT tests. Based on the date entered here, the students age is calculated.

Once you Save or Submit the data the new / recalculated scores will be returned and the Submission date displayed in the result entry view:

Note: the Date Submitted beside each student is a datalabel in the xml and can only be generated based on the date entered at the top, Teachers cannot enter or edit this field manually.