Review of all prior assessment results for students in current subject class

PCSchool have released a revamped SQL printout enabling teachers to print, for all members of their current class, all prior results from subjects studied in previous years that have the same Key Area.

Printing student result history for a specific Subject Key Area

Subject Key Areas are identified in the Subject Control File.

Adding a Key Area to Subject

The marks displayed are the Grade Result stored against Areas of Assessment of types A and M.

To download the report visit  Open the file and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql on the server.

This report will need to be added to the Report Alias Settings as an Assessment Related Report as below:

Adding report to Report Alias Table

Release of Reports for New Zealand MOE Roll Returns 2012

PCSChool has released the new table printouts for the 2012 MOE Roll Returns. These reports will need to be downloaded from our web site and extracted to the appropriate folder prior to completing the March Roll Return.

If you are using the PCSchool SQL back-end then download the SQL Reports  and extract them to \pcschool\reports\sql on your server

If you are using the PCSchool Native back-end (Not SQL) then download the Non SQL Reports  and extract them to \pcschool\reports on your server

For more information on preparing your Roll Returns (due March 1st 2012) see our Roll Return Tech Tip

Enhanced Ethnicity Reporting for New Zealand Curriculum

21/2/2012 Curric Ver 2011.2.0.489 – Visit the PCSchool Downloads Page for the latest version

PCSchool has extended its reporting of academic achievement against Ethnicity and Gender with the release of a new report for SQL based schools. The report previously reported against Maori/Non Maori. The new printout now includes all ethnicity groupings as drawn from the new summary ethnic group stored in the Student table.

Enhanced Printout by Ethnicity and Gender

To download the report visit our web site

Once downloaded extract the report to \pcschool\reports\sql

Next Add the report to the Report Alias Settings. If you have previously set up AreaResBB.RPT then you may wish to replace it with this report.  (This report includes all students in the Year level and does not break the groups into individual classes)

Adding Report to Report Alias Settings

You are now ready to print the report through Assessment Related Reports

Launching the Report

Embedded Ethnicity into Student View Enhances Ethnicity Reporting

21/2/2012 Curric Ver 2011.2.0.489  – visit the PCSchool Downloads Page for the latest version

PCSchool enables the recording of a student’s multiple ethnicities however we have now automated the storing of the overall ethnicity grouping.

In Australia three major groupings are supported (order indicates hierarchy):

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait
  • European Australian
  • Not Aboriginal or Torres Strait

In New Zealand the groupings are  (order indicates hierarchy):

  • NZ Maori
  • Pacifika  (Pacific Island Peoples)
  • SE Asian
  • Other Asian
  • Pakeha
  • European
  • Other

Ethnicity Summary Classification Added to Student View

In order to initially set up this summary field users will need to use the Year End/House-Keeping routine. Once the bulk run has been completed there will be no need to repeat this process as updates will be accommodated as student ethnicity is altered in the Student View.

Initial Bulk Allocation of Ethnic Group

Once allocated this ethnicity grouping is available within the Student Table. Previously ethnicities could only be reported by querying the actual Student Origin table however this reported on all ethnicites of a student resulting in multiple records being printed where a student had more than a single ethnicity. The grouping is stored in the Student.ETHNIC field within the Student Table.

Querying Ethnic Grouping

Format Change to WALNA Naplan Data Collection Format

10/2/2012  Curric Version 2011.2.0.473

Followup posted  11/2/2012  – Download Now

The WALNA format for collection of NAPLAN student data (Student details inc Ethnicity and Language – as well as Care Giver Language, Education  and Occupation details)  has changed slightly this year. If old versions of PCSchool are used to generate the file then it will be rejected by the upload web site. The change is that student year levels must now be supplied as a 2 character entry where the first character, if blank, is shown as a “0” (zero eg  07, 09, 12)

Creating a WALNA NAPLAN data File

Note: PCSchool will now produce this field in the desired format, however if the file is viewed in Excel and Saved then the leading zero will be stripped. If loading in Excel then when opening the file declare that it is comma separated and find the year level column and format as “Text” to protect the leading zero.

New Government Student Residential Address Collection File Creation Added to Data Capture

Automatically create file for Student Residential Address Collection

10/2/2012  Scholastic Ver 2011.2.0.473

Folowup Posted 11/2/12 – Download Now

We have added the format to the Data Capture Module to cater for the Student Residential Address Collection. The will automatically collect the DETYA address data stored within PCSchool. Prior to running this routine to produce the desired file click on the Verify “DETYA Address” Button to test the validity of these addresses. Any errors or omissions will be displayed in the Error Log. The DETYA address can be accessed via the Student View

Editing DETYA Address Details in Student View

Once the file has been created it can be opened, reviewed and edited in Excel, prior to delivery to DETYA.

Student Management School Software – Better Assessment Analysis

PCSchool releases a new Assessment Analysis printout to better enable schools to assess the comparative performance of a class, ethnicity or gender against the cumulative performance of other student in the class; other students across the same subject; other students across all subjects.

A sample of the report output is as below

For sql back end sites click on link to download  (Report unavailable for non sql sites)

The report will need to be added to report alias settings as shown

For more information contact our support centre or visit our Web Site

Sample of printouts