Debtor Discount Table

Cost Centres can now have Multiple Discounts added directly through a Discount Table; this is an alternative way to running the Discount through Quick Family Accounting Adjustments.

This new feature is a major improvement allowing schools to apply not only sibling discounts against school fees during the billing process, but also additional discounts / rebates such as staff discounts, parish discounts and hardship discounts.

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Example of Discount Table


Example of multiple discounts applied in the billing process using the Discount Table


Spider – Payment Portal Information Option

Available in PCSchool version 2014.03.03 and above.

PCSchool has now added the ability for schools to include additional text / instructions at the top of the Parent Payment Portal view. This option allows schools to include instructions to parents on how to use the payment portal and when the payment is expected to be processed and applied to their outstanding fees.

Option to add text to Payment Portal is found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.Payment Instructions

Spider – Donation Payment Email Notification

Available in Spider version 2014.03.05 or above.

PCSchool payment portal currently emails a default staff member (accounts receivable) when a payment has been made by a parent. This has now been extended to the Donation Portal to allow for a different staff member to receive notification when a donation has been made via the donation portal.

Options for payment email notifications are found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.

Donation Portal Email

Added additional Debtor Alerts to Debtor Comments and enabled Embedded Email of Debtor Comments

10/2/2012 Enhancements to Debtors Account Comments

Debtor Version 2011.2.0.185  (must be on Curric Version 2011.2.0.473 or above). Visit the PCSchool Downloads page to get the latest Followup.

We have added a Category to the Debtor Messages where by a message of Type “ALERT” will display on the top of the Account Masterfile whenever the specific debtor is brought to the screen.

Adding Alerts to Debtors

An Embedded EMail Button has been added to the Debtor Comments. Where the user has highlighted a Comment in the grid then pressing the new button will take that comment and a constructed Subject directly into PCSchool’s Email object enabling you to simply add the recipient and send (all from within PCSchool.

Automatically Email Debtor Comments