Spider – Email Template Editor now available through Administration Control

Available in Spider Version 2013.06.04.xxx and above.

PCSchool have now made it possible for Spider Administrators to view / modify the email templates from the new Administration control (previously ‘Quick Links Maintenance’).

Email templates used within the Spider – Interview bookings, profile update, subject selections etc – were previously only accessible if logged onto the Spider Server, now these can be modified by logging into the Spider Web App and using the link in the Administration control:Edit Email Templates

Creating new Sub-Folders in Document Manager using tag sets

Using Tag Sets to target specific groups you can now quickly and simply create sub-folders within any Document Management folder in PCSchool.

You will need to be on version 2012.2.0.87 or later, so after downloading the latest Followup from our website please check this number by going to Help – About on your toolbar.

Download the latest followup from the Downloads page of our website: http://www.pcschool.net/PC-School.asp?Page=PCSDOWNLOAD

This new feature will enable schools to quickly create sub folders that will allow grouping of types of documents eg 2012 could enable all information for the year to be grouped within the main folders, a sub folder called reports could allow all assessment reports to be grouped in a folder or similarly correspondence or statements.

This feature is found in Quick Student Data Entry:

Export to eMerge takes you to the eMerge window as below:

Adding a Timetables sub folder to the Student folder as an example:

Spider – Email from Medical Entry

Available in Spider Version 2012.08.0.xxx and above.

PCSchool now allows the option when incidents are recorded in the Student Medical Entry control in Spider to select to simply Save the entry or Save and Email the information to relevant contacts.

Email View:

Enabling Document Manager & Email in Spider for Users

Available in Spider Version 2012.03.26.xxx and above.

PCSchool has now added the ability to define which users have access to the Document Manager and Email controls in various view (as details in the New Buttons post).

You can define the users to which these controls should be enabled through the Spider Configuration appsettingslocal.config file:

Email from Spider Behaviour Notes control

Available in Spider Version 2012.03.02.xx and above.

PCSchool has added the ability to email from the Behaviour Notes control within Spider. This will enable users to send an email to the student, caregiver and teachers containing information on the behaviour or note added (eg advising of appointments, detentions, merit awards etc).

You will need to add the following to your appSettingsLocal.config file , which you can find in the spider folder (on the IIS server):

Once enabled you should see the new button when you launch the Behaviour Notes control. This will save the data as well as launch the email recipient selection view.

From here you can select the recipients of the email.

When you select to go to the Email Interface, it will launch the email screen with the message pre-constructed.

Get more information on emailing from Spider.

Sending Emails from Spider

Enabled in Spider Version 2012.#####

PCSchool has added student based emailing through the ‘Spider’ Web App. This enables teachers to email all students in a class, or an individual student and their related identities (Caregiver, Form Teacher, Subject Teachers etc) from various controls within the Spider.

Inside the control click on the Envelope Icon to open the Email Recipient Selection view:

This will then open the Student Based Email view where we have the ability to get all the entities related to a student (if we run from student based launch) or the entities based on the students in a class (based on class launch). If there is no email in the IDENTITY for the entity, its shown in red and doesn’t get added to the recipients list on the right hand side.

Once all the recipients have been added go to the Email Interface where you can create and send your email. Version 1 of this control will allow emails to be send as BCC list only. If you have SSL enabled, then we show a box on the left side for entering the authentication username and password. This will be used for the from email by most mail servers (if its SSL enabled in configuration). Otherwise it will be sending email based on From Email (which is the email in the IDENTITY) of the user.

This control can be launched from Student Information (based on student), the student in My Classes (based on student OR on the class).

The ability to email from other controls will be added over time.

The settings for email are in appSettingsLocal.config, which you can find in the spider folder (on the IIS server).

Once this is configured properly, restart IIS by either going to IIS manager or going into web.config (on spider folder) and putting a space in it and taking it back (when ever there is a change in date modified in this file, IIS for this website gets restarted).