Ver 2018 Development Changes

3/7/2019 Curriculum 2018.0.0.512 Minor change to date format in ACARA export changed from 01012019 to 01/01/2019.   Fixed bug in Result entry where change to data was updating Sub.Date_Entered.

1/7/2019 Finance 2018.0.0.250 Released tax changes for Australia’s new HELP Student loans. HELP and SFSS are now consolidated and the new tax table is now incorporated within the program.

12/6/2019 Timetable 2018.0.0.74  Added facility in Timetabler External Interface to import timetable for discrete year levels

6/6/2019 Curriculum 2018.0.0.497  MOE Roll return fix to ensure identified special characters are stripped from the submitted file.

5/6/2019 Finance 2018.0.0.240 Removed using Pay threshold for all types of Superannuation other than Monthly

4/6/2019 Curriculum 2018.0.0.486  Adjusted email address choices in eMerge to be responsive to Freedom model

4/5/2019 Foundation 2018.0.0.25  Adjusted update to Alumni based on changes to Identity in accord with changes associated with Freedom model

2/5/2019 Finance Payroll  2018.0.0.235 Added changes to cater for leave entitlements to be held unavailable until at he end of an accrual period so that now three options are available:

  • entitlement available at the beginning of the period
  • at the end
  • as earned

18/4/2019 TimeTable 2018.0.0.68 Modified TimeTabler sCourse import to preserve Date a subject was originally entered and to maintain attachment to previously entered results.  Also provided retention of Modified program flag in the replaced subjects

18/4/2019 Finance 2018.0.0.231  Fixed bug in Payroll Transaction Listing in Employee Order where employees were skipped when emailing prior Pay slips

7/4/2019 Scholastic 2018.0.0.470 Extended output options in Assessment Related reporting to cater for greater use of Freedom. Important bug fix to version 2018.0.0.438 where changes led to incomplete selection of eMail addresses in .  Adjusted code to set images table self correcting under Freedom.

4/4/2019 Debtors 2018.0.0.308  Bug fix where reprints of some debtor receipts were being misdirected under Freedom.

21/3/2019 Finance 2018.0.0.200  Added additional functionality to Ledger Budget Import enabling the re-importing of Prior Year budgets and enabling the importing of a revised current year budget based on an annual figure distributed according to previously established monthly distributions.

21/3/2019 Debtors 2018.0.0.304  Added facility in Batch Billing to enable schools to run a catchup billing based on Discount only. Where schools wish to rerun discounts only for families previously billed but where discounts were not applied at that time.

21/3/2019 Scholastic 2018.0.0.438  Extended output options in Assessment reporting to cater for greater use of Freedom. Corrected bug when verifying counters to ensure images added through Spider are considered in the calculation. NZAQ Standard import Fixed bug where standards with option of Digital Exam were not being correctly taged in Back Office. Schools need to download Followup then re-import the latest standard file.

10/3/2019 Debtors  2018.0.0.298 Modifications to Account Printing and Sundry Account Printing as well as Voluntary Payments printing to better align them with the Freedom Model, enabling output under the Freedom Model without the need to use a Tagset. These modules now support “All families” without using a tagset.

8/32019 Scholastic 2018.0.0.421 New Zealand NZQA Result import. Added addition identifier (Given name) to error report to assist in determining student.

8/3/2019 Scholastic 2018.0.0.418 All Modules. Addressed a security vulnerability in back office modules

25/2/2019 Finance 2018.0.0.172  Removed Images from Asset file

25/2/2019 Curric 2018.0.0.374 MOE Data Submission., Advised by MOE to report STP provider 11 as not a valid entry owing to to-days advice of liquidation of this service provider.

22/2/2019 Curric 2018.0.0.373 Government data submissions. MOE NZ Roll Returns added support for electronic approval and submission. NAPLAN data captures of student and care-giver details, tweaked for freedom to ensure only active care-givers are checked for items such as language.  Student Import added Freedom model support to csv imports.

20/2/2019 TimeTable 2018.0.0.46 Tweaked TimeTabler import to cater for minor change in the way custom entries are expressed in sCourse from TimeTabler.

8/2/2019 Curric 2018.0.0.343  Markbook creation modification. Added support in Areas of Assessment of type “data” to address a data field where the subject period specified is dynamic, based on the current subject period when the markbook was created. When identifying the subject period to be used you can now specify a period of eg -1.0. Should this be the case and the markbook is for subject period 19.1 then the specific data column will draw data from subject period (19.1 – 1.0) ie Pd 18.1, in other words from the previous year.



16/1/2019 Debtors 2018.0.0.251 Adjusted Debtor Family selection in Family tag set to enable selection of all families with a balance. Added facility to select on debtors proper or Sundry transactions. These changes made specifically to assist Freedom schools to select families when sending out accounts

15/12019  Finance 2018.0.0.168  Added support to Staff View for Freedom compatibility

27/12/2018 Curric 2018.0.0.310 Added support to use sort order in Area of Assessment allocation when creating new markbooks.

15/12/2019 Curric 2018.0.0.309 Added support to Staff View for Freedom compatibility

14/01/2019 Curric 2018.0.0.304 Bug fix to ensure logged in user is user passed to MOE Dex server in Arrivals and Leavers submissions.

10/01/2019 Curric 2018.0.0.300 Removed Country drop down list from staff entry to bring this in line with Freedom module

9/1/2019 Finance 2018.0.0.167 Adjusted ledger Transaction Entry for Payments batch where a payment is referenced to a specific Payee Creditor code then the default ledger dissection for that creditor is shown as default in payment entry dissection.

18/12/2018 Curric 2018.0.0.260 Adjusted NZ voting routines to be Freedom aware

18/11/2018 Curric 2018.0.0.215 Adjusted code to cater for Google’s change of policy enabling access to Google Geo code mapping control fixing Goggle poll error when entering an address. Addressed condition in eAsttle upload where error condition triggered by a space in front of NSN. Minor screen change to cater for Freedom email options in emailing Assessment reports.

13/11/2018 Finance 2018.0.0.142  Ledger Model Accounts added Campus to KPI student and Teacher counts. Also catered for in Spider KPI reports. Requires a Spider Ver 2018.11.13 minimum.  Fixed payroll bug associated with Sick and Holiday pay not adding to hours accrued at a Pay Table.

31/10/2018 Debtors 2018.0.0.203 Bug fix Import Spider Payment Portal Receipts

29/10/2018 Finance 2018.0.0.124 Fixed bug in Ledger Budget Imports released in ver 2018.0.0.123

29/10/2018 Debtors 2018.0.0.192 Added functionality to Import payments made through MyXPlor

05/10/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.197 Added support for new Student Address Capture for Australian Schools for 2018 format. This feature supports both Freedom and Non Freedom Schools

12/9/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.160  Primarily for Freedom schools. Updated ACARA export to extract based on Freedom Model. Modified eMerge to be sensitive to Family eMail options set in the Freedom model.  Added Freedom sensitivity to Assessment Reports for eMailing.

29/8/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.122  Bug fix in NZQA Tereo paper submission

28/8/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.121 Bug Fix where Homestay Care Giver given name was being written to Identity record as Surname.  Debtors 2018.0.0.169 Corrected display bug in Receipt entry where tender identified as Credit Card

16/8/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.119  Added support for new Age/Grade census for NT schools. Added support for Assessment report printing based on the Freedom Model for schools that have converted to Freedom using the new communication options available in Freedom. Added capacity to read in up to 4 simultaneous import co-curriculum records in Student Import by csv.

13/7/2018 Finance 2018.0.0.104 Added functionality in Payroll generation enabling the generation to be filtered based on employee payment frequency eg restrict payroll generation to just Monthly employees

12/7/2018 Finance 2018.0.0.99 Australian Payroll added functionality to cater for additional HECS classification. This change requires a modification to the HECS/HELP rates

New HELP table

New HELP No Tax Threshold table

Download Tax and New HECS Scales

5/7/2018 Finance  2018.0.0.89 Payroll Critical update A fix has been released to enable users to select how they wish to treat a banking allocation in payroll generation where the banking $ amount is set to zero. In the version release prior to this update the banking option had been reset so that a bank distribution of $ zero would allocate 0 dollars to that account. This was a change to prior behaviour

2/7/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.106 Fixed bug in NZQA Standard import for Digital Assessment options. Importing standard file was not importing the assessment options.

2/7/2018 Trigger Fixed bug re selecting Unmarked rolls

28/6/2018 Debtors 2018.0.0.154  Added facility to import FACTS early settlement discounts into AutoBill Batch.

Curriculum 2018.0.0.97 Added support for Freedom Model in Government reporting for Australian schools to return care-giver levels of education etc based on the Freedom model.

Finance 2018.0.0.83  Changes for 2018-19 Australian tax year. Changes to cater for Single Touch Payroll

16/5/2018  Debtors 2018.0.0.128 Added Campus to Student Selection in Debtor Batch Billing

9/5/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.66 Govt data Collection – Small bug fix in AEDC upload. Removed line feed mid record that was resulting in each student occupying 2 lines in csv

7/5/2018 Debtors 2018.0.0.123  Added data import for modified CBA-EVOLVE Card format to import payments directly into receipts.

1/5/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.63  Fixed bug where names that included a bracket eg Smith John (Johno) failed to translate correctly when appended with eMail ie  Smith John (Johno)(

1/5/2018 Curriculum 2018.0.0.63 – Added support for Freedom schools to cater for Account EMail owner to write this address to Identity.EMail_Billing and to change Caregiver email from Identity.EMail to Identity.EMail_Home this ensuring that Identity.EMail is reserved for School or Business email address.

30/3/2018 Debtor Ver 2018.0.0.89  Added Read Only access to Back Office Student view for Freedom schools

26/3/2018 Curriculum Ver 2018.0.0.61  Added “Canteen Staff” to Staff status

15/3/2018 Curriculum Govt data Collection – Added format for AEDC upload

3/3/2018 Debtors Ver 2018.0.0.68  Added functionality to Account emails to embed the  Payment Plan commitment amount into the account email body enabling schools to advise caregivers of the regular amount that will be withdrawn from their accounts.

3/3/2018 Finance Ver 2018.0.0.9  Bug Fix. In ver 2018.0.0.7 (27/2/2018) we released a bug in the printing of employee payslips that resulted in the display of duplicate references to banking’s made as a result of that pay.  This fix only applies to users who took the followup from 27/2/2018 – 3/3/2018 Finance Versions 2018.0.0.7 or 2018.0.0.8. This release in Ver 2018.0.0.7 addressed any rounding errors that occasionally occurred when displaying employee banking’s.

1/2/2018 Release of Ver 2018 Data Structure

1/12/2017 Scholastic Released changes for NZ MOE roll return submission

22/6/2017 Finance Ver 2016.0.0.194 Payroll changes for the 2017 – 18 Australian tax year including updates to Printed Payment Summaries and changes to Medicare rebate calculations to comply with ATO specifications. See for details

23/5/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.521   Fixed bug in MOE reporting where program reported that the selected file name was incorrect.

18/5/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.516 Fixed bug in NZQA upload of Emergency results where these results were passing a nul Date Complete resulting in an xml Schema failure during upload to NZQA

15/5/2017 Extended Community Ver 2016.0.0.19 Added Activity Category for “Interests”

14/5/2017 Curriculum Corrected duplicate error message associated with duplicate Alumni Activities when a student is departed, re-enters and is then departed again.

23/4/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.504 Added 2017 Victorian SFOE data collection format. StudentID, Parent 1 School Educ, Parent 2 School Educ, Parent 1 Non School Educ, Parent 2 Non School Educ, Parent 1 Occupation, Parent 2 Occupation

10/4/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.503 Added functionality to support the new NZQA initiative re Assessment Options for Digital Submissions ar Digital Exams. For more details see …

4/4/2017 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.230 Encrypted Credit Card details to render PCI ready.

4/4/2017 Curriculum 2016.0.0.492  Added new street types for address capture inc Outlook, Run, End, and Firetrack

20/3/2017 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.226 Added functionality to eMail caregivers prior to performing a direct debit draw down on their bank accounts

18/11/2016 Curriculum  New Zealand Ver 2016.0.0.307  Added import of University Entrance Approved standards as part of the standard import routine. The import requires the presence of the UEApproved.csv file which is now shipped along with the latest file. Extract the UEApproved.csv file along with the Standard.txt file to the same folder location. The standard import routine will do the rest.

7/11/2016 All modules From Address using Print Q. It is now possible to enter a generic “From Email Address” when processing bulk emails. This enables the system to show the email as from “” or “” instead of using the actual from address of the logged in user.

3/10/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.108   Added Cutoff time to import of OnLine Payment entries enabling the user to set the time at which the Secure Payment provider closes off transactions for the specific day. This enables receipt batches to reflect all transactions prior to this time and hold over latter transactions to the subsequent day.

30/9/2016  Finance Ver Payroll Ver 2016.0.0.91  Added support for superannuation clearing house format for QuickSuper Statewide Contribution CSV file specification (v2)

22/9/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.233  Added TASC upload capability to Data Capture for Tasmanian schools. Read more

7/6/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.70  Added functionality to Debtor Payment Plans and Home Stay Plans. In the past the homestay transaction was written to the Creditor Payment area with reference to the family related to the payment. This has been adjusted to include reference to the Student and/or the comment text entered at the time of the creation of the HomeStay Plan. Text entered in this commentary will display in the Creditor Invoice Batch

20/5/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.133  Added a check box in Subject Code view enabling the user to check a subject to exclude it from the displayed list of subjects within the “Result Entry” screens. This change will require a version of Spider released after 20/5/2016

20/5/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.74 Account Master File. Added additional filters to enable user t display

  • only families with a Db or Cr balance
  • only non current families with a Db or Cr Balance
  • only non current families with a Held Deposit
  • only “suspended” debtors

13/5/2016  Finance Ver 2016.0.0.62  Payroll. Added facility to edit Deduction amounts prior to Payroll Generation without the need to create Time Sheets. A much faster way to enter routine deductions such as Staff Lunches etc.

22/3/2016 Finance NZ Release of NZ Tax Scales for 2016 – 17 tax year.

22/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Security. Added a new security object “Deny Access to Back Office” Users assigned this object will be able to access “Spider” but will not be able to login to “Back Office”

22/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Co-Curriculum Added Semester 1 and Semester 2 to list of seasons ie  Summer, Winter, Term 1 – Term 4, now Sem 1 and Sem 2

22/3/2016 Finance Ver 2016.0.0.11  Corrected anomaly in the Monthly Super calculation associated with using a second Monthly Super line.

15/3/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.46 Receipting  Added PCSQ to receipting to support Email and Document Management via PCSQ thereby supporting Office365 as the SMTP server within the receipting module.

15/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Changes to Absence Roll Collection and Trigger to better cater for new flexibility in Period and Day definitions. Added a functionality to Early Notification to enable user to set the system to ignore unexplained absences, should the child arrive at the school at a later period in the day, there by not sending the parent a notification for unexplained absence if the child has subsequently arrived at school.

15/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Changes to Attendance Analysis reports significantly speeding up the production of these reports.

10/02/2016 Curric Ver 2016.0.0.46  Changes to Absence Roll Marking to cater for roll marking by full year level groups eg “show roll with all students from Primary School”. Misc tweaks and minor bug fixes associated with Roll Marking and Timetable to ensure new Time Period Header model caters for all varied school situations, to increase the flexibility and function of roll marking, associated with varying period lengths and differing periods on certain days, or for particular year levels.

17/1/2016  Release of 2016 Data Structure changes. Where users have not received an email notification they should contact PCSchool for advice on download.

17/1/2016  Debtors  Ver 2016  Added a new table for entering multiple student discount structures, removing the need for the Discount Calculator as sibling discounts are now calculated as the invoices are created.

Data Change Requests for Ver 2015

There is no predicted release date for these changes at this time.

Attendance –

  • Create tables for Student Historical Absence.
  • Create a Roll Change Log file.
  • Create a table for attendance Codes  ATT_CODE
    • REASON_TEXT   Asc  100
    • REASON_CODE  Asc  2
    • AUDIT_CODE  Asc  2
    • TRUANCY_CODE  Asc  2
    • CALC_HALFDAY   Asc  2
    • HIDE_FROM_SPIDER  Asc  1
  • Create ROLL_LOG
    • Roll#   integer
    • Status  Asc  1
    • Teacher#  (userID)
    • Date
    • Time  Hr.Min
  • Add to Roll Table
    • field for Duration and Marked Status to indicate if marked or not.
    • field for duration
  • Add to TimePdHd filed for Period_ID
  • Absent Record Add field  Time as  hh.min

POS – Add a comment text field to the Stock master file. Requested by Cathedral Grammar


  • Add field to FamEnq checkbox  Inactive
  • EnqStud add checkbox for Enrolled

MEDICAL – Add a tick box to Medical Incident for Email Sent  –  Moama

LEDGER – Add Budget capacity to KPI’s

PAYROLL – Add Payroll Employee Comment table similar to Debtor Comments enabling dated, categorized comment entry (encrypted)  Padua College

SSOBJCTS – Add a field for Category (related to module used) – Add a sub table for specific controls where this object is used


Crdmast – Add Country to each address as well as City

– Add checkbox  Preferred Supplier to limit creditors displayed to Order entry to preferred supplieres only

UserDefi – UserDef – Add field for eForm ID# to enable data to be tied to an eForm

Identity – Add Title  (same length as in Family) Salutation  (Formal – already Salutation), Informal),  Address Silent  Phone Silent  Add Religion. Add field for personal Email  as well as work email

Student Add field for personal Email  as well as work email

Enquiry  Add Religion

Debtors  Add Tagset to DeBatchC to enable tagset check to be carried through to Macro.  Add Tagset to MacroBod Y/N


  • Add Invoice Number to specific invoices to enable invoices to be printed, as well as statement
  • Add table to store multiple discounts structure + Table to store discount categories associated with a student.

WORKAREA  add field to show SNAPSHOT Original Workarea Database and Date Created

Libsys – Add fields for Enable Copies to have different Item Types & Enable copies to have different Call numbers (replace fields currently used in Preferences.ini)

Teacher  Add field for Working with Children Card number  +  Expiry Date

Subject  – Add a field for Print Order

Alumrel  Add fields to bring in line with Freedom Model

REPORT  Create Table REPSEC to store securible groups associated with the report



Followup 2014 Development History

Download the latest Programs Follow Up from – Get Help – to determine your version of PCSchool. Data Structure Changes associated with the release of Ver 2014

15/11/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.1031  Corrected bug in Roll Marking associated with Renegade Code message when marking AM Roll. This bug released in interim Followup in October.

30/10/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.1015 Added support for 2015 NZSSSC Census Report Spider control

29/10/2015 TimeTable Ver 2014.5.0.150 Added Import for “EdVal” and “aSc” Timetables. Added Export facility for timetable data to aSc

24/9/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.986  – Added facility to print Staff encrypted Medical incident comments via Secure comments report

24/9/2015 Finance Ver 2014.7.0.367 – Corrected minor bug associated with release “365” where totals on Ledger reports were not being printed.

24/9/2015 Debtors Ver 2014.7.0.362 – Corrected bug where discounts were not rounding and were miscalculating. Bug associated with followup 956

15/9/2015 All Modules Curric Ver 2014.7.0.972   PrintQ issue. When launching a PCSQ the program failed to launch where the user had changed to output path for the output file. PCSQ launched perfectly if this path was not altered. Issue related to default path back to PCSQ and is now fixed.

21/8/2015  All modules  Curr  2014.7.0.956  Fixed issue where in some situations PCSQ was progressively taking longer to process an entry in the queue the further it processed that queue, resulting in a significant speed improvement in large high volume email jobs.

11/8/2015 Curr 2014.0.7.951  Fixed bug released in Ver 948 where a programming trace popup window appeared when printing student timetables. Apologies for omitting to remove before release.

7/8/2015 Curr Ver 2014.0.7.948  Added support for lower case Absent Status. Change program to recognise if lowercase status is entered, but is only matched as an uppercase status, then the status will automatically change to the uppercase.

28/7/2015 Curr Ver 2014.7.0.929  Evacuation report. Offered choice to automatically email to form teachers or to print.

28/7/2015 TimeTable Ver 2014.5.0.63  Improved Decoding of Subject codes in TimeTabler import. Added Export functionality for aSc Timetable

29/6/2015 Curr Ver 2014.7.0.897  PCSQ Fixed bug associated with adding attachments to PCSQ EMails

10/6/2015 Timetable. Added support to Supervision Allocation/Covers to support incidents where multiple classes are taught by a common teacher in the same period slot.  Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.864

9/6/2016 Removed nag re Licence due to expire 8/8/2015 28/4/2015 Debtors and Scholastic. Reworked code to speed up export of reports and emails to PCSQ from Account and Sundry Account launches, as well as Assessment Reports.

27/3/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.798  For external standards NZQA require that only the current version (most recent) be offered by the school. When an “Export to NZQA” is performed, if the school still has a superseded version attached to the Area of Assessment, within PCSchool, then NZQA will generate an error report to the school stating that the Version must be the latest. This error can be ignored as NZQA, during their upload will automatically save the data as the latest version of the standard.  We have altered the code to automatically alter the area of assessment for these external standards, to upgrade to the latest version as part of the submission.

25/3/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.789 Fixed bug in Markbook creation, where user has selected to create a New “Spider” based markbook and elected to Over-write a previous markbook with the same name.

25/3/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.789  Added ability to remove a subject from the subject selection lists, should the user wish not to make available a specific subject code. This code can now be retired, meaning that it still exists for historical reporting but does not clutter current selection lists. See more

13/3/2015  Scholastic Ver 2014 2014.7.0.772  Released version of eMerge that utilised Print Q. Corrected bug in Debtor Account printing associated with use of PrintQ.

27/10/2014  Finance Ver 2014.7.0.146  Added support for Next Year Budget, enabling users to prepare Next Years Budget within PCSchool, anytime through the current year. On Line orders placed against next years budget can now be tested against budget remaining in the next year. See associated blog

10/10/2104  EMail and eMerge  Altered background code to generate email and eMerge via PCSQ (Print Tray)  Curric Ver 2014.7.0.535

10/10/2014 Added Legal Surname to Student csv Import

19/8/2014 Curriculum 2014.7.0.443  Implemented data changes to Student View Student Table

  1. Added field for Epilepsy
  2. Added field for Deputy Principal
  3. Added field for Antihistermine Allowed
  4. added Health Care Card number and Expiry date
  5. Added field to record date of Year End for use in SIF compliance
  6. Added Medicare Expiry Date
  7. Added Vaccination fields
    1. Rotavirus 2mths
    2. Rotavirus 4 mths
    3. MMR 18 mths
    4. HIB 12 mths
  8. Added Visa Class and Visa Expiry Date

Added Voting check box to Care Giver page to enable over-ride of automated voting allocations.  If family left unchecked then Voting allocation will be applied as in the past based on Best Practice rules. Using check boxes enables the user to over-ride this automation. There is still the need to run the Voting Update routine prior to communication with voters as addresses may have changed. Added display to Care Giver screen to show which care-givers have been assigned as Correspondent and Account owners Owners Removed the ability to use an apostrophe in Student, Family or Teacher Codes. Where they have been used in current records these will not error but it is recommended that you use a Global change to remove the apostrophe. This is to avoid issues in the Spider HTML coding that can be impacted by the apostrophe.

11/8/2014  Curriculum Ver 2014.7.0.427  Fixed bug in Markbook creation to correctly translate alt column headings for Subject Organisation and Percent.

10/4/2014   Curriculum Ver 2014.7.0.211   Added support for Vocational Pathways to enable tracking 9/4/2014     Curriculum  Ver 2014.7.0.209 Corrected bug in NZQA data upload related to “Delete stored NZQA Withdrawn Details”

1/5/2014   Scholastic  Ver 2014.7.0.245  Altered Group Removal to not only cater for Students who departed prior to a date but also Remove students Born prior to a date

Data Structure Changes 2014.0

View Followup 2014 Development History.

IMPORTANT: the following data structure changes have been made to the database tables in PCSchool, and may not yet be implemented or visible to the user after the update. Changes to the front end / user interface will be made in subsequent Version 2014 program followups and will be made available via the PCSchool website.

Strike through indicates implementation

Personal Development Codes:

  1. Added Award Type Ascii 10 (attached to Codemast field type “AWARDTYPE”  Use this to store such headings as CUP, CERTIFICATE 
  2. Added Criteria (text 500) to enable user to explain what is the criteria for this award

Personal and Professional Development

Added a new table to enable Professional Development entries to have Focus Areas appended.

  1. Table FOCUSAREA  links to Maintenance Codes of Type FOCUSAREA
  2. Added UniqueIF field to Personal Development Table, EXTRA, to give a unique link for the Focus Area

Co Curriculum

  1. Added Elective to Type of Activity and to season selection list
  2. Added Criteria Text field to Activity for use with help text in CoCurricular Choice
  3. Added fields for billing to Co-Curric Activity
  4. Added Points (Num 2) to CoCurric Activity for racking Co-Curric involvement


    • Non_Refund_Fee (Component of fee that is non refundable)
    • Refund_Fee (Refundable component of fee
    • Cost Centre (Debtor cost centre to use when billing)
    • Cost_Centre_RF  (Debtor cost centre to use when billing refunfable component)
    • Bill_To (Debtors or Sundry Debtors)


    • Fee
    • Refundable Fee
    • Billing Invoice Reference


  1. Added table support for Vocational Pathways to enable tracking of student re vocational readiness. Table 196 PATHWAYS  Links to Standard Table and Area of Assessment table.
  2. Added fields to Standard table to cater for UE_Lit_Maori_Read  and UE_Lit_Maori_Writing
  3. Added new table structure to support new markbook design inc formulas in the markbook. New tables include
    • MKBOOKH  replacing MBHeader
    • MKBOOKC removing column heading data from MBHeader
    • MKBOOKF used to store formula information for markbook columns
    • MKBOOKD will replace MARKBOOK


  1. Added table CALCAMP to support multi-campus in the calendar and time table
  2. Added Campus to table TIMEPHAS to support multi-campus in the calendar and time table.
  3. Added CAMPUS to Timepdhd table to enhance support for multi campus

Staff Table (Added to Staff View  17/2/2014)

  1. Added House to Staff table
  2. Added KnownAs
  3. Added a new Table for ROLE to record roles of staff. Role codes stored in Maintenance View under Type = ROLE. Roles would include Principal, Year Co-Ordinator etc
  4. Added Spouse and Spouse phone
  5. Added Dormitory

Created Table for Vehicles to enable Vehicles to be assigned to Staff or Students

Reports Help

  1. Added LINK field to Report table to enable referencing to a url to provide on line help associated with a specific report
  2. Added field for Associated EMail where users can assign email addresses to be associated with a report. This enables a report to be emailed to automatically to a series of preset emails.

Ledger Reports

  1. Created Table REPSEQ to enable one ledger report to point to a series of reports that will be run when the specific report is selected. This will enable a single report to be selected eg MONTH END and this single report will result in a number of reports being printed, instead of having to individually selct each report in turn.

Financial Scheduling

  1. Created table FINSCHED for scheduling standing journals and for use in repeating Creditor transactions


  1. Added SECGROUPIN to Library Patron table to enable local security support for the library
  2. Added fields to LIBLOAN to cater for last return dates for different loan types. Lastdate, l1date, l2date, l3date, l4date, l5date
  3. Added SUPPLIERID to Library Supplier table to link back to valid Creditor and Identity records via Member#
  4. Add field to LIBMAST for Target Audience

Student Table

  1. Added field for Epilepsy
  2. Added field for Deputy Principal
  3. Added field for Antihistermine Allowed
  4. added Health Care Card number and Expiry date
  5. Added field to record date of Year End for use in SIF compliance
  6. Added Medicare Expiry Date
  7. Added Vaccination fields
    1. Rotavirus 2mths
    2. Rotavirus 4 mths
    3. MMR 18 mths
    4. HIB 12 mths
  8. Added Visa Class and Visa Expiry Date

Added CLASLINK Table that will be used to auto allocate data based on a students Home or Core Class or Form Teacher

  1. associates Teachers with Form or Core Class and Home Rooms
  2. associates Deans and Deputy Principals with Form Class or Form Teacher

Sysfile Table

  1. Added fields to indicate associations between fields refrenced in CLASLINK


  1. Added Field to each Care Giver enabling them to be tagged via Checkbox. Primary use is to label Care Givers as Voting Rights
  2. Added State to the Other Address Tab


  1. Added fields into Paystd, Paytemp and Paytrans to improve monitoring of leave accruals, namely LEAVE_ACC  and  LS_ACC
  2. Added Long Service Acc YTD and LS Accrual Anniversary Date to cater for NSW award so that LSL accrued in a current year does not fall due until anniversary date is reached.

Payroll Super Control Table

  1. Added fields to SUPER to enable recording of specific Super Control Liability account details so that Super Providers can have their own Liability Control Accounts rather than use the default.
  2. Added Spin Number to Payroll SUPER table

Roll Table

  1. Add index to Roll  (Student Subject Year Class Date Recnum)  to  enable optimisation in absence calc in Crystal Report based on Roll attendance.

Teacher Absent table TCHABSNT

  1. Added Status to enable reason for absence (similar to student absence) to be recorded
  2. Added Doc_Sighted check box

Added Table CAMPUS

  1. Sits below Sysfile to store campus specific system entries that relate to that Campus, such as Timetable days and periods etc. Table links to Identity table to retrieve campus specific address and banking information.


  1. Added additional comment field for Result comment (POST_COMMENT)
  2. Added field for Location (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = LOCATION)
  3. Added field for Referred_BY (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  4. Added field for Referred_TO (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  5. Added field for Severity. Values
    • Minor
    • Repeated Minor
    • Major
  6. Added field for Motivation (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = MOTIVATION)
  7. Added field for Others Involved. Values  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = INVOLVED) eg .
    • None
    • Peers
    • Teacher
    • Relief Teacher
    • Non Teaching Staff

Incident Tracker

  1. Added field for Location
  2. Added field for Time_Of_Day  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = TIMEOFDAY)
  3. Added Referred_By  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  4. Added Referred_To  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = REFERRAL)
  5. Added Approach  (code setup in Maintenance Codes Type = APPROACH)
  6. Added Post_Comment
  7. Added fields to Incident Codes table to enable identification of specific code lists for specific types of incident
  8. Added Security to Incident types so that types can be controlled by security of user

Ledger Posting Table (CBPOST)

  1. Added monthly fields to record the budget for an account for the next year
  2. Added Year to Date budget fields to record budgets for the next 5 years

Ledger Project Codes

  1. Added a Ledger Budget report name to be associated with the project

Keys and Key Usage

  1. Field to store Date Key Returned to the Key Usage table
  2. Comment field added to Key Usage table

Creditor Order Item Table

  1. Added Index for Creditor Code

PosPayment Methods

  1. Added Round option to allow user to specify specific tenders that require rounding


  1. Added Invoice# for later use to support creation of Invoices


  1. Added Invoice# for later use to support creation of Invoices


  1. Added tables to break down a Campaign
    • ALUMFUND Break a Campiagn into sub funds
    • ALUMAPP  to enable Campaigns to be broken into Appeals
    • ALUMPACK enables Appeals to be broken into individual packages

POS Stock Table (POSSTCKL)

  1. Added Year field so that stock can be restricted to a year level

Followup 2012 Development History

Download the latest Programs Follow Up from –

Get Help – to determine your version of PCSchool.

Changes to PCSchool Version include:

11/11/2013 Point of Sale Ver 2012.2.0.105 Enabled ability to see student Current Year and House in Sales View, making it easier for sales staff to check student is purchasing the correct house/sport shirt. POS Sales View with Year & House

7/11/2013 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.801 (SQL schools only) Enabled the ability to see the users logged onto the SQL server via the Audit Log in Scholastic module. Will show the users logged in as well as the SQL_DRV.dll driver version.SQL - View users logged on

30/10/2013 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.801 (NZ Schools only) Enabled ability to export data in CSV format for uploading to DreamCatcher.

28/10/2013 Debtors Ver 2012.2.0.305 Enabled the ability to add an entry at the top of the transaction grid by going to the top and pressing Up Arrow. If adding alphabetically then the list will immediately display a new entry in the correct alpha order and the user will no longer be at the top of the list. The user will need to return to the top of the list and again arrow up for a new entry. This scrolling can be avoided by entering student in reverse Alpha order at the top of the grid. Debtor Billing

20/10/2013 Finance Ver 2012.2.0.256  Altered Ledger Batch Import so that if there is no GST in the exported batch then there will be no GST calculated in the imported batch.

20/10/2013 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.786 Created DreamCatcher Export.DreamCatcher Export

18/10/2013 – Curric Ver 2012.2.0.785 Added ability for NZ Schools to extract the necessary information for the 2013 NZSSSC School Sport Census.

11/10/2013 – Curric Ver 2012.2.0.775 Added export format for the new ACARA data extract requirements for Australian Schools.

5/10/2013 Timetable 2012.2.0.170  Added support for export to TimeTabler Ver 8


25/9/2013 Curriculum NZQA Ver 2012.2.0.723  Added test for duplicated standards. Where they occur user is notified.

25-09-2013 8-07-21 AM

24/09/2013 Debtors Ver 2012.2.0.281 – Added Payment Tender to Tag Set. It is now possible to select families in a Tagset based on their recorded payment tender. Used in association with the Account Master File View the user is now able to move through the family database constrained to only those families in the tagset ie those families with a particular payment tender. This should enable rapid update of families Payment Plans.

24-09-2013 4-31-05 PM

20/09/2013 Payroll / Finance version 2012.2.0.240 – For NZ Schools – created new PayCode Type of ‘SP – Schedular Payment’ to be used for with-holding tax purposes. Amounts paid to employees using this type will have tax deducted at the ‘Casual Tax Rate %’ assigned to the pay code.With-holding Tax Pay Code

17/09/2013 Timetable version 2012.2.0.160 – Additional filter options added to the Timetable module to give access to Fixed Lines and display timetable in a number or ways to see when teachers or rooms are used or spare.Timetable - Access LinesTimetable - Display with Filters

16/08/2013 Debtors – New report for Bank Deposit printout in Debtors – previous version was not compatible with Windows 8. Download SQL Version OR NonSQL Version.

13/08/201 Curric – Added ‘Result’ field to the Personal Development tab in Quick Student Data Entry, allowing schools to allocate results along with PD records to students. Curric version 2013.2.0.653Personal Development Result

12/08/2013 Curric – Added additional static fields to ‘Data’ type areas of assessment to include Student Number (being the exam number or NSN for the student). This can aid in the import of results into a Markbook. Curric version 2013.2.0.653Student Number Datafield

1/08/2013 Curric – Student Family Occupation data output for Victorian Schools. Curric version 2013.2.0.574.

29/07/2013 Debtors – Added CBA BPoint format to Execute Payments and Receipt Entry for Credit Card deductions in Debtors.CBA BPoint

27/06/2013 Curriculum – Attendance. Enhanced ability to print attendance reports including or excluding specific absence status. This ability would be especially useful to NSW schools if they wish to exclude the X (first/last day of term status from reports). Curriculum Version 2012.2.0.537.Absence Status

26/06/2013 Curriculum. Ability to export email addresses. Curric Version 2012.2.0.535.Export Email Address

21/06/2013 Finance – Payroll. Proposed superannuation payment date added to Payroll Generation. Finance Version 2012.2.0.153.

5/06/2013 Curriculum. Ability to sort absences in Student Absence, Lates and Behaviour by ascending or descending date order. Curric Version 2012.2.0.521.Absence Order

12/04/2013 Curriculum. When creating a Student Tag Set based on ‘Oldest in Family’ – which is usually based on students in *C – you can tick to ‘constrain to selected years’. This means it will select the oldest student in the family in the year grouping (eg. *P – Primary School) rather than oldest in the family in the school (eg. *C – All Current Students). Curric Version 2012.2.0.438.Student Tag Set

10/04/2013 Curriculum. Option to allocate areas of assessment to students subjects based on the students campus. Curric Version 2012.2.0.429Curriculum Control Files

06/04/2013 Payroll. Pay/Unit field on Pay Detail tab will now reflect the TOTAL value of all pay tables (type PT) attached to the employee in the Standard Pay tab. Finance Version 2012.20.138.Payroll Pay_Unit

11/3/2013 Debtors. Added support for EzyPay format for importing payment details into Receipt entry.

28/11/2012 EMail. Added the facility to set the default Email and EMerge font and size. This default font will be system wide. Curric Ver 2012.2.0.278

Setting the default font

27/11/2012 PAYROLL NZ Changed calculation for SLCIR additional payments. Finance Ver 2012.2.0.87

20/11/2012 DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT – PAYROLL  Adjusted access to Payslip Subfolder in Document Management so that it is only available within Back Office to users with security clearance to print Payroll Reports. Within Spider individual users have access to only their Payslip sub-folder.

16/10/2012 Imagine being able to print a drop off street map for your Biology Class. Read more…

Powered by PCSchool and Google Maps 

31/08/2012 Added new fields to Student Import CSV to include Email Contact Option for Alternate Address 1 and 2. Followup posted 31/01/2012 Curric Ver 2012.2.0.88

30/08/2012 Debtor Billing Based on Family Status fixed in Batch Billing View. Students can now be billed based on the Family Status attached to the Family. Followup posted 30/08/2012 Debtor Ver 2012.2.0.29

30/8/2012 Timetable  Modified External Time Table Interface import routine to enable user to allow for duplicates in the import file. Added Import functionality to import Soft Option Student Preferences  Followup posted 30/8/2012 Timetable Ver 2012.2.0.29

30/8/2012 Curriculum  Added facility to save Out Of Column to markbooks for all types of Areas of Assessment. Curric.exe Ver 2012.2.0.71

27/8/2012 Finance PAYROLL  Added facility to create a sub folder in Staff Document Management to store Payslips.  If specified Payslips will be written to the subfolder \Payslip rather than the parent file Finance Ver 2012.2.0.21  Followup posted

24/8/2012  Finance PAYROLL  NZ Fixed bug in Pay Generation where ESCT tax was not being calculated on VOLUNTARY type  Superannuation  Finance Ver 2012.2.0.12  Followup posted

19/8/2012  Assessment  Added the facility to include the Out Of Column to any assessment item (of Type “Academic”) saved into the markbook.

19/8/2012  TimeTable Altered the Teacher Timetable printout to show both subjects and classes on a teacher timetable where that teacher has a mixed class in any single time table period. Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

17/8/2012 Email  Added functionality to the email view so that if a template is loaded into an email, and that template contains merge fields accessing data in the database, then that email will automatically populate with the database information.  Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

If using gMail as your SMPT Server we have enabled you to change, via Mail settings, the name of the authenticated EMail From Account. Should this be changed, the software will then prompt for a new password when the email is next sent. Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

Added the facility to reduce the Timeout period for an email. Where providers such as Gmail may take over a minute to respond to an email request, on occassion this cause PCSchool to return a “Socket Time Out” error. This could be remedied by extending the timeout allowing the server time to respond. An alternate approach was to reduce the timeout, this significantly enhancing the throughput of the email module, and having the software assume that the email was successfully handled by the server. A new check box has been added to email settings to “Ignore Timeout” so as not to report socket errors. Curric Ver  2012.2.0.50

August 2012 – Released Followup to Update 2012

Bug Fixes – Enhancements Ver 2011-2

Version 2011-2 was released in  June 2011 in response to Payroll changes in Australia. For more details see PCSchool Student Management School Administration School Software

Download the latest Programs Follow Up from –

Get Help – to determine your version of PCSchool.

11/7/2012 ATTENDANCE Changed the Late Entry view so that immediately following the entry of a late the screen will display the ByPeriod Absence Screen, enabling the setting of by Period absence status as part of a single process. Curric Version 2011.2.0.708

Editing the Absence Record

22/6/2012 TIME TABLE  Added a Refresh button next to the date selection in the Subject Choice Wizard. This button enables the user to Refresh the subjects shown in the Option Subject List so that they are sensitive to the phase date indicated in the date selection. Available Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.683

21/6/2012  MOE ROLL RETURNS  Fixed bug to ensure that correct dates appear on the Audit Attendance Class Lists for the July Return Scholastic Ver 2011.2.0.682

28/5/2012 ATTENDANCE NSW  Enhanced Attendance Audit Reports for NSW schools  See

28/5/2012 SCHOLASTIC NZ MOE ROLL RETURNS. Release of an important change to the MOE file structure. This will be necessary to produce the June tables.

28/5/2012  PAYROLLNZ  Update for ESCT calculation to ensure consistency where calculations are based on both a fortnight and monthly basis.

26/5/2012 SCHOLASTIC NZ Change to file format for the collection of Attendance Extract for NZ schools in 2012.

25/5/2012 SCHOLASTIC Change to Production of SPORTSCID and other csv file transfer  See

20/5/2012  Curriculum  Result Entry. Bug fix in Markbook management where new columns were added and then re positioned in markbook.. This was causing results to display shuffled across a column.

18/4/2012   NZ Payroll Changes released to cater for IRD changes to Student Loans and KIWI Saver, as impacted by new ESCT legislation. Read more

If you intend to apply this followup it is important that you have produced you IRD 345 and associated file for payrolls up to 31/3/2012 prior to installing the followup. This will ensure that the Kiwi Employer Super will not have ESCT applied to the initial 2%. Once this report and file has been produced then install the followup.

1/4/2012   NZ Payroll  New Tax Released

19/03/2012 Followup Curric Ver 2011.2.0.576  Uploaded 2.30 Queensland time

19/3/2012 FINANCE CREDITOR PAYMENT  Bug fix when emailing Pay Advices the automatic Bank Upload file was incorrectly formatted and hence failed to load.  Finance Version for this fix: 2011.2.0.59

17/03/2012 POINT OF SALE Changes to save default ‘Transfer to Debtors’ option and also to hide Family balances in Receipt Entry.

16/3/2012 ATTENDANCE ROLL MARKING  Added functionality to Absence Reports to enable user to select to print absences that have a specific status eg Late” for one of the periods in the day. This is an extension of the previous functionality where the user selected based on the overall absence status.

10/3/2012 DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT extended to include access to Archived Documents belonging to students and families no longer on the database, rendering stored documents retrievable whenever they may be required. Read more 

6/3/2012 Released new printout to display all previous student result for subjects in the same Key Area See Link for details

6/3/2012  Important Bug Fix in Assessment Reporting. In some circumstances when using Result Entry by Spreadsheet with specific format xml files the screen was duplicating some categories of Area of Assessment. This has been fixed and it is recommended that users take the current followup (Curric Ver 2011.2.0.530

5/3/2012 Changes to Markbook Management where the user is prompted to clear the  current Markbook prior to entering Markbook Management. This change was effected to prevent users from modifying the current markbook structure then saving the displayed markbook in the old format.

5/3/2012 Change to Result Entry where the entered mark is passed to a stored table to return standardized scores based on normative tests such as PAT. The program was failing to return converted scores where the Subject Year level was stored as a non numeric year. This has been altered to use the Student Current Year Level should this occur.

2/3/2012  MOE Roll Returns for SQL backend failed to print Table M3. Report was re-released in  Users need to re-download this file and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql . Take the option to Reprint MOE Tables to reprint the missing M3 table.

21/02/2012 Enhanced Ethnicity Reporting for New Zealand Curriculum and Embedded Ethnicity into Student View. (Curric Version 2011.2.0.489)

15/02/2012 Adjusted the DEEWR Student Residential Address Collection file creation in Data Capture were a school was having difficulty in that all students were identified as Secondary and Year “RE” students were not correctly showing as “P”  Primary. Changed the code to look at, if in years 7,8,9,10,11,12 for some states and 8,9,10,11,12 for others, then make Secondary else make Primary. This will ensure that RE or PS etc will come across as Primary. For this to work the school address must have the state identified in Utilities – System File Maintenance – Other Address Detail tab  (Curric Version 2011.2.0.485)

12/02/2012 Added following improvements and enhancements to PCSchool Data Capture:    WALNA (WA-SA NAPLAN) format change to include leading zero in single digit year level. New Government (DEEWR) Student Residential Address Collection File creation and new Government (MCEECDYA)  Unit Record for School Census File creation. (Curric Version 2011.2.0.473)

11/20/2012 Added alert facility to Debtors Module – Account Master File Information – Comments area and enabled email of Debtor Comments. (Debtors Version 2011.2.0.185)

8/02/2012 Added controlling access to Spider Web App in PCSchool.

25/01/2012 Added enhancements to Timetable Development and Subject Allocation (Timetable Version 2011.2.0.44)

17/01/2012 Added Avg Cost and Last Cost to Quick Stock Adjustments in Point of Sale module (POS Version 2011.2.0.82).

9/12/2011 Optimized several end of year functions, inc Roll and Audit file cleanup; Ledger Period End, to take advantage of direct calls to the SQL backend, resulting in significant time saving.

8/12/2011 Added new (2012 format)  NZQA Results Download specification to Scholastic to ensure that result files generated by NZQA can be successfully imported into PCSchool. (Scholastic Ver 2011.2.0.384) Followup2011-2 updated

Added All Domicile to the SMS Internal PCSchool Text Messaging module. This functionality enables the user to select (on a single click) to broadcast a text message to all care givers domiciled with the selected students. This is to ensure blanket coverage when a message must get through quickly eg in the case of “school lockdown” or “disaster notification”

7/12/2011  Altered Specification for Vic NAPLAN for 2012 Spec. Added support for VSN in file.  (Curric Version 2011.2.0.382)

7/12/2011 Fixed bug where Staff Absence created during allocation of Sick Days in Payroll failed to add days absent to Staff record Total Days Absent

6/12/2011 Added ability when transferring Care Givers to the Identity table to elect whether to create Alumini records simultaneously. In the past this was not an option and the Alumni records were automatically created.

5/12/2011 In Result Entry by Spreadsheet added support to have Areas of Assessment display in the order set with the <restrictclassification>AMP</restrictclassification>. In this case the type “A” Areas will display before the type “M”, and finally the type “P” areas.

29/11/2011 Added functionality to Time Table Fixed Lines so that if a subject is added or deleted from the Fixed Line the option appears to propogate this modification to all occurrences of that line in the time table. Also added the facility to propogate a Class name change in the fixed line to all occurrences in the Time table and in the Student Subject choice. The Timetable.exe version for this change is 2011.2.0.16

28/10/2011  PCSchool improves Point of Sale and implements Stock Take feature. For more details downloand the What’s New with POS, POS Reports Tech Tip or updated POS User Manual.

18/10/2011  PCSchool adds support for the “ACARA”  ACARA are seeking Australian schools update their data by Nov 7 2011. PCSchool have added the format for the ACARA collection to the current Data Capture Formats. See Scholastic, Subjects, Data Capture. Go to the MCEETYA Tab and select the file format of ACARA. This will produce a file that can be accessed via Excel. Open the file in Excel and update the information re the School prior to submitting the file to ACARA. The ACARA format requires Scolastic Ver 2011.2.0.254 or highter. This is available by taking the current from the link

1/10/2011 Added a Sort Order to the Point of Sale Sales Screen to enable sales to be displayed either in “as entered” order or “Stock Code” order. This order preference is tied to the specific user and will be remembered from one session to the next.

25/9/2011 Added Duplicate to Siblings to Absence/Notes and Behavior. This enables an incident or note to be duplicated to other family members at the press of a button so that if an absence or matters such as a specific family custody note are added to a single family member then this can be quickly applied to all family members.

25/9/2011 Added facility to eMerge so that merged documents can be directed to specific sub-folders within PCSchool Document Management. This enabled eMerge to create a template letter, containing information such as the Student Name and other details, and have this document saved to a folder in document management such as Student\Guidance. Such a document can be then opened in Document Management and used to record and guidance notes on the student.

22/9/2011 Added facility to TimeTable Allocation of Covers so that a selected teacher can be allocated to “All remaining Uncovered Periods” as well as “All Subsequent Numeric Periods”

22/9/2011 Fixed minor bug where Staff partial Day absence was recalculated when the record was altered at a later date. Changed the logic so that this recalc only occurs if the date range for the staff absence is changed.

22/9/2011 Fixed bug where <maxcomlength>  in result entry xml was not being applied via Back Office

Published   Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.178

9/9/2011 Removed the save toolbar from eMerge Preview to remove capacity to save the template while in preview mode

8/9/2011  Added facility in csv Import routine to import Absence records

6/9/2011 Provided the option in Roll Marking to automatically generate a Late Record if a late is marked in a specific period of the day eg If the teacher marks the student as late in Period 1 then the system will automatically create a separate late record in the Late’s section

Published   Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.157

29/8/2011 – Altered the EMerge control to enable the inclusion of Graphics and HTML as enabled in the email control. Also enabled the ability to write Emails sent via eMerge into Document Management as either “eml” email files or as “rtf” files.

28/8/2011 – In rare instances on some server configurations, in association with Windows 7, Document Management experienced some time delays in moving between folders, similar to the time taken for the Windows Explorer slow search fill experienced in some systems. The Document Management code has been reworked to avoid this Explorer feature, resulting in an immediate response. The new control will also display the tree fully expanded showing all sub folders immediately below the designated PCSchool folder of “Restricted”, “Non-restricted”, and “Shared”

27/8/2011 – Added facility to embed html and graphic files into Email control. See Article

26/8/2011 – In Point of Sale adjusted code so that as students are departed they will be removed as customers so that searches in the POS will be limited to current or intending students.

20/8/2011 – In Payroll for NZ – New Tax Table SB title was not being transferred into the IR 345 file. This is fixed in finance Ver 2011.2.0.34