ACARA Data Capture Update for Australian Schools

PCSchool has now created an export format that meets the new ACARA (Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority) requirements.

To get the new format you will need to be on Curric version 2012.2.0.755 by taking the latest Followup from our website: Current Version Number


As well as taking the latest update you will need to ensure the data in PCSchool has been entered correctly this includes checking the following:

  • Student & Family origin and background information has been entered and Family DETYA addresses have been verified as per the Government Reporting tech tip.
  • Students who are Non Australian Citizens will need to have one of the following indicators assigned to them in the Student View – Enrolment tab – User Defined tab
Migrant, Visa or Overseas must be ticked if not an Australian Citizen

Migrant, Visa or Overseas must be ticked if not an Australian Citizen

  • Non Australian Citizens who has Permanent Residency in Australia will also need to have ‘Permanent Residency Visa’ as the Doc Sighted in the Student – Enrolment tab – Enrolment tab
Permanent Residency Visa must be selected as Doc Sighted

Permanent Residency Visa must be selected as Doc Sighted for non-citizens with permanent residency

NOTE: At present ‘Visa SubClass Number’ and ‘Arrival in Australia Date’ is not stored in a standard field in the database so must be added manually to the csv file once the bulk of the data has been exported.


Once the student information has been checked and verified you can create the ACARA File via Subjects – Data Capture – DEPT EDUC(Aust) tab:

Select Options and Preview File

If there are any critical errors they can be seen in the Error Log and will need to be corrected before the file can be Completed / created.

Upon selecting ‘Complete’ the file creation to prompt the ACARA Key School Data screen to appear. You will need to ensure you enter the correct information for your school.

Complete file creation and enter in ACARA Key School Data information

Complete file creation and enter in ACARA Key School Data information

Report formats include the Full ACARA export or a smaller SBD ACARA export depending on your requirements.

NOTE AGAIN: At present ‘Visa SubClass Number’ and ‘Arrival in Australia Date’ is not stored in a standard field in the database so must be added manually to the csv file once the bulk of the data has been exported.

If you have any problems or questions please contact the PCSchool Help Desk (07 4939 5995 – or – for assistance.

Student Family Occupation (SFO) data output

Under the Victorian Government’s Non-Government Schools Funding Agreement for the 2010-2013 quandrennium, schools are required to supply their Student Family Occupation (SFO) data annually to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD). Full details are available at:

PCSchool now allows for this data to be output through the MCEETYA/DETYA tab under Subjects – Data Capture.Data Capture

The file is saved to a .txt file. If renamed with the .CSV extension this can be directly opened in Excel as below.SFO Output File

To have this new File Format available in Data Capture you must be on PCSchool Curric version 2013.02.0.574 Version


Download the current followup if your version is less than above from:

Release of PCSchool “Geo” Mapping Tool

Imagine being able to print a drop off street map for your Biology Class. Read more…

Powered by PCSchool and Google Maps 

Report for reporting SFO Student Family Occupatons

Recently the Victorian Government advised that it required statistics based on Student Family Occupation data. PCSchool has released a report to provide individual student and summary data according to this specification. The report will identify the most significant form of employment where multiple parents record their employment data.

The Report and Source of Data

Adding the report to PCSchool

For SQL download the SQL report and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql

For Non SQL download the Non SQL format and extract to \pcschool\reports

AEDI Checklist Printout

Schools within Australia are required to fill out AEDI data on students in their first year of schooling. PCSchool Student Management System has now released a report to provide the specific information enabling teachers to update their class information on the AEDI Website.

AEDI Checklias

The SQL version of the report is available here Download and extract to \pcschool\reports\sql on your server

The Non SQL version of the report is available here Download and extract to \pcschool\reports on your server

The report will need to be added to your PCSchool Report Alias Settings as below:

Adding the AEDI Printout to the Report Launch

The printout will then be available in the Form and HomeClass Report Launch

Running the report

Changes to MOE Roll Returns for MSD Initiative

The New Zealand Ministry of Education  released a new specification for the Roll Returns on 7th May 2012. Schools were notified of these changes relating to Youth Services and the Ministry of Social Development.

The changes have resulted in additional field being added to the MOE file. These changes relate to provision of additional details on student contact details. Students have the right to request that these details not be released to MSD, in which case PCSchool will pass blank fields instead of the actual address data. Should a student wish their information withheld then schools will need to add this election to the Student User Defined area of PCSchool.

Tagging students to withhold address details

Schools will be required from time to time to submit a csv file to the MSD. This can be done at any time using the standard MOE Return routine. To create such a file go to Roll Returns and select a Roll Period of MSD.

Creating the MSD file

This facility is shipped in Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.655 or higher. The followup is available from here

PAT Result Entry xml’s in Spider (NZ Schools)

Available in Spider Version 2012.03.07.XX and above.

The PAT tests are standard tests for Numeracy, Literacy, Speaking etc used by New Zealand Schools. Once the tests have been sat by students the school receives back the Raw Score or Grade for each student that then needs to be entered into a PAT Result xml that will calculate the Percentile and Stanine based on the PAT result table attached to the area of assessment. For more detail on PAT visit the PCSchool Website.

PCSchool has now added the ability in the Spider for Teachers to forcefully recalculate the Percentile and Stanine should the wrong result table have been attached when originally generated.

If in Result Entry the teacher selects an xml format with ‘PAT’ in the name, two additional options will be displayed in the view as shown below:

Recalculate On Save – means do you want to forcefully recalculate the data base on the result table attached to the subject/area of assessment.

PAT Submission Date – is the date of the PAT tests. Based on the date entered here, the students age is calculated.

Once you Save or Submit the data the new / recalculated scores will be returned and the Submission date displayed in the result entry view:

Note: the Date Submitted beside each student is a datalabel in the xml and can only be generated based on the date entered at the top, Teachers cannot enter or edit this field manually.