Spider – Parent Teacher Interview Enhancements

Available in Spider version 2014.03.03 or above.

PCSchool has added several new enhancements to the Parent Teacher Interviews in the Spider Web Application.

1. ‘Time gap between each slot’ did only allow a single digit (eg up to 9 minutes) now allows two digits (eg up to 99 minutes)

2. NEW option to create interviews based on Timetable Phases. This means that schools who use a single Subject Period ID and they want to create interviews based on the subjects studied by the students in the second half of the year they can.GapInterval

3. Option for ‘individuals who can book simultaneous interviews’ has been increased from one digit (eg up to 9) to two digits (eg up to 99).

4. NEW option that will force parents to book alternate slots. This can be used by schools who do not want parents to book slots one after the other, but forces them to book a slot, miss a slot, book a slot, miss a slot etc).Alternate Slots