Timetable Period Descriptions and Roll Marking

To allow for the need for increasing flexibility in Attendance Roll Marking PCSchool has made some changes to the Timetable Period Descriptions in Version 2016. Changes will allow schools to create periods for each day in the timetable where the number of periods in the day or length / duration of the period differs. To allow for this the ‘Code’ for each period has changed in format (is not system generated) and a Time Period column has been added.

Changes should not affect most schools, however if schools have previously assigned Year Level Restrictions to periods these may need to be revisited and updated to allow for the new logic as outlined below.

Example of how periods may be set up in Version 2015:V2015TTPeriods

Example of how periods need to be set up in Version 2016:V2016TTPeriods

Example of how periods can be set up in the near future:V2016TTPeriods_Future

Spider – AM/PM shown only for Form period – if ‘Build From Timetable’ is unticked

Available in Spider Version 2013.04.28.xxx and above.

PCSchool Spider Absence Entry view, if ‘Build from Timetable’ is unticked, will only allow teachers to mark the roll for AM or PM attendance periods when the ‘Form Subject’ is selected.Form Period

For other subjects (assigned to the student in Student Subject Information) teachers can mark the roll for numbered periods (Pd 1 to 12).Subject Period

Time Table Development

25/1/2012  Added Auto-Complete to the Subject and Teacher columns in Time Table entry thus facilitating faster finds on these fields. (Time Table Version 2001.2.0.44)

Find Teachers and Subjects by Typing a couple of letters

22/1/2012   PCSchool Student Management Software has recently add functionality to the Time Table Module. The enhancements include:

  • Added capacity to Allocate Student Subject Teachers based on Time Table entries in the Fixed Lines. PCSchool previously supported the allocation of these teachers based on the Time Table itself, however in schools where the time table is not actually stored in PCSchool, this new facility enables schools to allocate subjects to students at the end of the prior year, and then update these records automatically with the teachers once these have been finalised  at the start of the current year.

Allocating Teachers based on Fixed Lines

  • Expanded the Filter options in Time Table Display. PCSchool has added the ability to construct display filters to the Time Table based on a single Room. This feature adds to the present Display filters of Subject and/or Teacher.

Filter Time Table Display based on Teachers, Subject and/or Room

  • Allocate Home Class Subjects to a selected group of students in a single pass, based on the subjects identified in the Fixed Lines as Form/Home Class Subjects. This enhancement significantly reduces the time to allocate the range of Home/Form subjects to all students in a year level in a single pass. The source of the subjects is taken from those already stored as Form/Home Class Subjects in the Fixed Lines. As the routine processes the specific student their Home or Core Class are matched against the subjects in the fixed line. Where the class is matched then the subject is assigned.

Allocate Form-Home Class Subjects in Single Pass

Required Scholastic Version 2011.2.0.438

Download from www.pcschool.net/download/followup2011-2.zip