Data Changes for 2017

Sysfile.PayPlan_Item to store default Cost Centre for Payment Plans

Sysfile.Cutoff  Number  Cutoff time for OnLine Payments

Subject_P    Data field Numeric to identify Breakset Set associated with the period

Receipt file added 2 fields to enhance FACTS integration

Identity  Add field for Image# to incorporate images to Identity rather than student

Identity  Add Gender field

Student Add field for Graduation Year

Absent EN_BATCH   change to String  50 character

Employee Super and Banking and Standard Pay . Add Date so that timesheet records can be created in advance and dated as per pay date. Need to add index that combines Type ie Standard or Timesheet and Date


Ver 2016 Development Changes

22/6/2017 Finance Ver 2016.0.0.194 Payroll changes for the 2017 – 18 Australian tax year including updates to Printed Payment Summaries and changes to Medicare rebate calculations to comply with ATO specifications. See for details

23/5/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.521   Fixed bug in MOE reporting where program reported that the selected file name was incorrect.

18/5/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.516 Fixed bug in NZQA upload of Emergency results where these results were passing a nul Date Complete resulting in an xml Schema failure during upload to NZQA

15/5/2017 Extended Community Ver 2016.0.0.19 Added Activity Category for “Interests”

14/5/2017 Curriculum Corrected duplicate error message associated with duplicate Alumni Activities when a student is departed, re-enters and is then departed again.

23/4/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.504 Added 2017 Victorian SFOE data collection format. StudentID, Parent 1 School Educ, Parent 2 School Educ, Parent 1 Non School Educ, Parent 2 Non School Educ, Parent 1 Occupation, Parent 2 Occupation

10/4/2017 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.503 Added functionality to support the new NZQA initiative re Assessment Options for Digital Submissions ar Digital Exams. For more details see …

4/4/2017 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.230 Encrypted Credit Card details to render PCI ready.

4/4/2017 Curriculum 2016.0.0.492  Added new street types for address capture inc Outlook, Run, End, and Firetrack

20/3/2017 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.226 Added functionality to eMail caregivers prior to performing a direct debit draw down on their bank accounts

18/11/2016 Curriculum  New Zealand Ver 2016.0.0.307  Added import of University Entrance Approved standards as part of the standard import routine. The import requires the presence of the UEApproved.csv file which is now shipped along with the latest file. Extract the UEApproved.csv file along with the Standard.txt file to the same folder location. The standard import routine will do the rest.

7/11/2016 All modules From Address using Print Q. It is now possible to enter a generic “From Email Address” when processing bulk emails. This enables the system to show the email as from “” or “” instead of using the actual from address of the logged in user.

3/10/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.108   Added Cutoff time to import of OnLine Payment entries enabling the user to set the time at which the Secure Payment provider closes off transactions for the specific day. This enables receipt batches to reflect all transactions prior to this time and hold over latter transactions to the subsequent day.

30/9/2016  Finance Ver Payroll Ver 2016.0.0.91  Added support for superannuation clearing house format for QuickSuper Statewide Contribution CSV file specification (v2)

22/9/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.233  Added TASC upload capability to Data Capture for Tasmanian schools. Read more

7/6/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.70  Added functionality to Debtor Payment Plans and Home Stay Plans. In the past the homestay transaction was written to the Creditor Payment area with reference to the family related to the payment. This has been adjusted to include reference to the Student and/or the comment text entered at the time of the creation of the HomeStay Plan. Text entered in this commentary will display in the Creditor Invoice Batch

20/5/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.133  Added a check box in Subject Code view enabling the user to check a subject to exclude it from the displayed list of subjects within the “Result Entry” screens. This change will require a version of Spider released after 20/5/2016

20/5/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.74 Account Master File. Added additional filters to enable user t display

  • only families with a Db or Cr balance
  • only non current families with a Db or Cr Balance
  • only non current families with a Held Deposit
  • only “suspended” debtors

13/5/2016  Finance Ver 2016.0.0.62  Payroll. Added facility to edit Deduction amounts prior to Payroll Generation without the need to create Time Sheets. A much faster way to enter routine deductions such as Staff Lunches etc.

22/3/2016 Finance NZ Release of NZ Tax Scales for 2016 – 17 tax year.

22/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Security. Added a new security object “Deny Access to Back Office” Users assigned this object will be able to access “Spider” but will not be able to login to “Back Office”

22/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Co-Curriculum Added Semester 1 and Semester 2 to list of seasons ie  Summer, Winter, Term 1 – Term 4, now Sem 1 and Sem 2

22/3/2016 Finance Ver 2016.0.0.11  Corrected anomaly in the Monthly Super calculation associated with using a second Monthly Super line.

15/3/2016 Debtors Ver 2016.0.0.46 Receipting  Added PCSQ to receipting to support Email and Document Management via PCSQ thereby supporting Office365 as the SMTP server within the receipting module.

15/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Changes to Absence Roll Collection and Trigger to better cater for new flexibility in Period and Day definitions. Added a functionality to Early Notification to enable user to set the system to ignore unexplained absences, should the child arrive at the school at a later period in the day, there by not sending the parent a notification for unexplained absence if the child has subsequently arrived at school.

15/3/2016 Curriculum Ver 2016.0.0.72 Changes to Attendance Analysis reports significantly speeding up the production of these reports.

10/02/2016 Curric Ver 2016.0.0.46  Changes to Absence Roll Marking to cater for roll marking by full year level groups eg “show roll with all students from Primary School”. Misc tweaks and minor bug fixes associated with Roll Marking and Timetable to ensure new Time Period Header model caters for all varied school situations, to increase the flexibility and function of roll marking, associated with varying period lengths and differing periods on certain days, or for particular year levels.

17/1/2016  Release of 2016 Data Structure changes. Where users have not received an email notification they should contact PCSchool for advice on download.

17/1/2016  Debtors  Ver 2016  Added a new table for entering multiple student discount structures, removing the need for the Discount Calculator as sibling discounts are now calculated as the invoices are created.

Spider – Optional Payments in ‘Pay Student Fees’ is now sensitive to tag set

Available in Spider Version and above.

PCSchool have now made the Optional Payments in the ‘Pay Student Fees’ control sensitive to a saved student tag set. This means that the optional fee will only show for those students in the tag set not for all students / families as was previously the case.

The first step is to create and save a student tag set of the students to be included (via PCSchool BackOffice) and save this tag set into the pcschool/documents/webpayments folder on the server. save student tagset

Next open the ‘payments.xml’ and add the tagset name which defines students to which this payment is related to.Paymentsxml

Once the tagset has been saved and the xml modified the parent, if they have a student in the tagset, will see the optional charge on their Student Fees screen in the Spider.Student Fees View