Budget Support Added for Next Year

PCSchool has expanded its Budget offering. The General will now cater for:

  • Prior Year Budget
  • Prior Year Revised Budget
  • Current Year Budget
  • Current Year Revised Budget
  • Next Year’s Budget

The addition of Next Year’s Budget is to enable the On Line Order Entry to test budget allocations against Next Year’s Budget where orders placed at the end of a year are to impact on Next Year’s Budget. Where a department has used all of the current year budget the On Line Order Entry will not allow them to order items against this year’s budget which has been fully utilized, however where appropriate they may order items for next year against next year’s budget.



Yr End

Finance.exe Version 2014.7.0.146

Victorian Schools – Secondary School Vaccine Program

Secondary School Changes for 2015

PCSchool will be implementing the following data capture changes in our next program update  – Curric Version 2014.7.0.461 or above.

Public Health and Wellbeing regulations in Victoria have recently been amended to allow schools to supply basic student details to councils.

It is optional for parents to report the details.

If parents do not want the information sent to councils then tick the radio box ‘Do not share data with vaccination authority’.1

Path:               Subjects → Data Capture → DEPT EDUC (Aust)

Use a Tag set to select the Students.2

Go to the DEPT EDUC (Aust) tab.3


 1 Enter the School Number
 2 In File Format select Immunisation Upload (Vic).
 3 These fields are not used for this report.
 4 Tick both radio boxes.
 5 Select a destination for the report where you will be able to find it.
 6 Click Preview.

If you receive any critical errors they may need to be fixed before continuing. If you only receive warnings click the Complete button that will now be active.5

Find the file for uploading.6

Spider – Ability to reset individual templates

Available in Spider Version 2014.07.24 or above.

PCSchool has added the ability to reset individual or specific templates. Previously when adding new controls to user templates you were only able to reset the main default user template for Staff, Students or Caregivers.

Now via our updated ‘Administration’ control in the Spider system administrators can select any template type (Dean, Nurse, Senior teacher, Junior teacher etc).Admin Update

Bulk change ledger batch transaction dates

Available in PCSchool Finance Version 2014.7.0.105 or above.

PCSchool has added a new feature to Ledger Batch Transaction view where you can change the batch date at the top of the batch then click the ‘Refresh’ button and all transactions in the batch will take the new batch date. This will apply only to unfinalised batches.gl date

Payroll (Australia) – Update Employer Super Rate in bulk (2014-2015)

Additional Payroll Information:


PCSchool allows for the Superannuation rate for Employer Super to be updated in bulk via the Payroll Control Files.

Path:  Finance Module – System – Payroll Control Files

Employer Super for 2014-2015 is now 9.5%

first update the 'Default Suepr Rate' and Save

first update the ‘Default Suepr Rate’ and Save

You will then need to select each Super Provider (one by one) and select ‘Global Super % Update’, enter in the new superannuation rate and begin as per the example below.

Update EACH Super Provider and then check in Employee View

Update EACH Super Provider and then check in Employee View

Data Change Requests for Ver 2015

There is no predicted release date for these changes at this time.

Attendance –

  • Create tables for Student Historical Absence.
  • Create a Roll Change Log file.
  • Create a table for attendance Codes  ATT_CODE
    • REASON_TEXT   Asc  100
    • REASON_CODE  Asc  2
    • AUDIT_CODE  Asc  2
    • TRUANCY_CODE  Asc  2
    • CALC_HALFDAY   Asc  2
    • HIDE_FROM_SPIDER  Asc  1
  • Create ROLL_LOG
    • Roll#   integer
    • Status  Asc  1
    • Teacher#  (userID)
    • Date
    • Time  Hr.Min
  • Add to Roll Table
    • field for Duration and Marked Status to indicate if marked or not.
    • field for duration
  • Add to TimePdHd filed for Period_ID
  • Absent Record Add field  Time as  hh.min

POS – Add a comment text field to the Stock master file. Requested by Cathedral Grammar


  • Add field to FamEnq checkbox  Inactive
  • EnqStud add checkbox for Enrolled

MEDICAL – Add a tick box to Medical Incident for Email Sent  –  Moama

LEDGER – Add Budget capacity to KPI’s

PAYROLL – Add Payroll Employee Comment table similar to Debtor Comments enabling dated, categorized comment entry (encrypted)  Padua College

SSOBJCTS – Add a field for Category (related to module used) – Add a sub table for specific controls where this object is used


Crdmast – Add Country to each address as well as City

– Add checkbox  Preferred Supplier to limit creditors displayed to Order entry to preferred supplieres only

UserDefi – UserDef – Add field for eForm ID# to enable data to be tied to an eForm

Identity – Add Title  (same length as in Family) Salutation  (Formal – already Salutation), Informal),  Address Silent  Phone Silent  Add Religion. Add field for personal Email  as well as work email

Student Add field for personal Email  as well as work email

Enquiry  Add Religion

Debtors  Add Tagset to DeBatchC to enable tagset check to be carried through to Macro.  Add Tagset to MacroBod Y/N


  • Add Invoice Number to specific invoices to enable invoices to be printed, as well as statement
  • Add table to store multiple discounts structure + Table to store discount categories associated with a student.

WORKAREA  add field to show SNAPSHOT Original Workarea Database and Date Created

Libsys – Add fields for Enable Copies to have different Item Types & Enable copies to have different Call numbers (replace fields currently used in Preferences.ini)

Teacher  Add field for Working with Children Card number  +  Expiry Date

Subject  – Add a field for Print Order

Alumrel  Add fields to bring in line with Freedom Model

REPORT  Create Table REPSEC to store securible groups associated with the report



Vocational Pathways

PCSchool has now added support for Vocational Pathways.

Requires Followup2014 Scholastic Version 2014.7.0.211. Download now

These pathways include:

  • Construction and Infastructure
  • Manufacturing and technology
  • Primary industries
  • The service industries
  • Social and community services

In New Zealand the NZQA release predefined pathways for the standards on offer. This file can be uploaded to automatically populate PCSchool. The most recent copy of the NZQA upload file is available here. The file you require from this download is Pathway.csv

Download this file and add the pathways for standards to PCSchool as below.

Uploading Pathway.zip  file downlaoded from PCSchool Website

Uploading Pathway.zip file downlaoded from PCSchool Website


Pathways can also be added manually to Areas of Assessment other than “Standards”


Manually adding pathways to Areas of Assessment

Manually adding pathways to Areas of Assessment