Followup 2014 Development History

Download the latest Programs Follow Up from – Get Help – to determine your version of PCSchool. Data Structure Changes associated with the release of Ver 2014

15/11/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.1031  Corrected bug in Roll Marking associated with Renegade Code message when marking AM Roll. This bug released in interim Followup in October.

30/10/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.1015 Added support for 2015 NZSSSC Census Report Spider control

29/10/2015 TimeTable Ver 2014.5.0.150 Added Import for “EdVal” and “aSc” Timetables. Added Export facility for timetable data to aSc

24/9/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.986  – Added facility to print Staff encrypted Medical incident comments via Secure comments report

24/9/2015 Finance Ver 2014.7.0.367 – Corrected minor bug associated with release “365” where totals on Ledger reports were not being printed.

24/9/2015 Debtors Ver 2014.7.0.362 – Corrected bug where discounts were not rounding and were miscalculating. Bug associated with followup 956

15/9/2015 All Modules Curric Ver 2014.7.0.972   PrintQ issue. When launching a PCSQ the program failed to launch where the user had changed to output path for the output file. PCSQ launched perfectly if this path was not altered. Issue related to default path back to PCSQ and is now fixed.

21/8/2015  All modules  Curr  2014.7.0.956  Fixed issue where in some situations PCSQ was progressively taking longer to process an entry in the queue the further it processed that queue, resulting in a significant speed improvement in large high volume email jobs.

11/8/2015 Curr 2014.0.7.951  Fixed bug released in Ver 948 where a programming trace popup window appeared when printing student timetables. Apologies for omitting to remove before release.

7/8/2015 Curr Ver 2014.0.7.948  Added support for lower case Absent Status. Change program to recognise if lowercase status is entered, but is only matched as an uppercase status, then the status will automatically change to the uppercase.

28/7/2015 Curr Ver 2014.7.0.929  Evacuation report. Offered choice to automatically email to form teachers or to print.

28/7/2015 TimeTable Ver 2014.5.0.63  Improved Decoding of Subject codes in TimeTabler import. Added Export functionality for aSc Timetable

29/6/2015 Curr Ver 2014.7.0.897  PCSQ Fixed bug associated with adding attachments to PCSQ EMails

10/6/2015 Timetable. Added support to Supervision Allocation/Covers to support incidents where multiple classes are taught by a common teacher in the same period slot.  Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.864

9/6/2016 Removed nag re Licence due to expire 8/8/2015 28/4/2015 Debtors and Scholastic. Reworked code to speed up export of reports and emails to PCSQ from Account and Sundry Account launches, as well as Assessment Reports.

27/3/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.798  For external standards NZQA require that only the current version (most recent) be offered by the school. When an “Export to NZQA” is performed, if the school still has a superseded version attached to the Area of Assessment, within PCSchool, then NZQA will generate an error report to the school stating that the Version must be the latest. This error can be ignored as NZQA, during their upload will automatically save the data as the latest version of the standard.  We have altered the code to automatically alter the area of assessment for these external standards, to upgrade to the latest version as part of the submission.

25/3/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.789 Fixed bug in Markbook creation, where user has selected to create a New “Spider” based markbook and elected to Over-write a previous markbook with the same name.

25/3/2015 Scholastic Ver 2014.7.0.789  Added ability to remove a subject from the subject selection lists, should the user wish not to make available a specific subject code. This code can now be retired, meaning that it still exists for historical reporting but does not clutter current selection lists. See more

13/3/2015  Scholastic Ver 2014 2014.7.0.772  Released version of eMerge that utilised Print Q. Corrected bug in Debtor Account printing associated with use of PrintQ.

27/10/2014  Finance Ver 2014.7.0.146  Added support for Next Year Budget, enabling users to prepare Next Years Budget within PCSchool, anytime through the current year. On Line orders placed against next years budget can now be tested against budget remaining in the next year. See associated blog

10/10/2104  EMail and eMerge  Altered background code to generate email and eMerge via PCSQ (Print Tray)  Curric Ver 2014.7.0.535

10/10/2014 Added Legal Surname to Student csv Import

19/8/2014 Curriculum 2014.7.0.443  Implemented data changes to Student View Student Table

  1. Added field for Epilepsy
  2. Added field for Deputy Principal
  3. Added field for Antihistermine Allowed
  4. added Health Care Card number and Expiry date
  5. Added field to record date of Year End for use in SIF compliance
  6. Added Medicare Expiry Date
  7. Added Vaccination fields
    1. Rotavirus 2mths
    2. Rotavirus 4 mths
    3. MMR 18 mths
    4. HIB 12 mths
  8. Added Visa Class and Visa Expiry Date

Added Voting check box to Care Giver page to enable over-ride of automated voting allocations.  If family left unchecked then Voting allocation will be applied as in the past based on Best Practice rules. Using check boxes enables the user to over-ride this automation. There is still the need to run the Voting Update routine prior to communication with voters as addresses may have changed. Added display to Care Giver screen to show which care-givers have been assigned as Correspondent and Account owners Owners Removed the ability to use an apostrophe in Student, Family or Teacher Codes. Where they have been used in current records these will not error but it is recommended that you use a Global change to remove the apostrophe. This is to avoid issues in the Spider HTML coding that can be impacted by the apostrophe.

11/8/2014  Curriculum Ver 2014.7.0.427  Fixed bug in Markbook creation to correctly translate alt column headings for Subject Organisation and Percent.

10/4/2014   Curriculum Ver 2014.7.0.211   Added support for Vocational Pathways to enable tracking 9/4/2014     Curriculum  Ver 2014.7.0.209 Corrected bug in NZQA data upload related to “Delete stored NZQA Withdrawn Details”

1/5/2014   Scholastic  Ver 2014.7.0.245  Altered Group Removal to not only cater for Students who departed prior to a date but also Remove students Born prior to a date

Spider – Payment Portal Information Option

Available in PCSchool version 2014.03.03 and above.

PCSchool has now added the ability for schools to include additional text / instructions at the top of the Parent Payment Portal view. This option allows schools to include instructions to parents on how to use the payment portal and when the payment is expected to be processed and applied to their outstanding fees.

Option to add text to Payment Portal is found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.Payment Instructions

Spider – Donation Payment Email Notification

Available in Spider version 2014.03.05 or above.

PCSchool payment portal currently emails a default staff member (accounts receivable) when a payment has been made by a parent. This has now been extended to the Donation Portal to allow for a different staff member to receive notification when a donation has been made via the donation portal.

Options for payment email notifications are found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.

Donation Portal Email

Spider – Hide tabs in Student Information View

Available in Spider version 2014.03.04 or above.

PCSchool now allows schools to hide the various tabs within the Student Information View in Spider. This means, for example, that you can hide the Medical Conditions tab or Special Needs tab from students when they enter the Student Information View in Spider.

Options to hide the various tabs are found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.Hide Student Tabs





Spider – Calendar & Assessment Integration

Available in Spider version 2014.03.04 and above.

PCSchool has enhanced the integration between the Spider Calendar and Assessment Criteria information when adding assessment task due dates to the calendar.

Previously when publishing assessment due dates to the Calendar, via the Subject and Assessment Criteria control in Spider, it only allowed the date, item description and an attachment. Now the ‘Criteria’ information for that task will also be displayed in the Calendar.

Assessment CriteriaIn addition, any attachments to assessment items in the Calendar will now open in a new window.


Spider – Duplicates when adding Co-Curricular Activities to Student

Available in Spider version 2014.03.17 and above.

PCSchool has enhanced the Student Co-Curricula Data Entry control in Spider with the following

1. Option to use the students current year level when adding the co-curric activity – this is useful where a tag set comprising of students in different year levels is being used.

2. Option for handling duplicate activities – these include:

a. Allow Duplicates – will add the activity regardless of if the student already has this activity attached to them (eg will allow duplicates).

b. Do not allow and throw error – will show an error each time if it finds the student already has this activity attached to them.

c. Do not allow and continue next – will show an error at the end of the process for any student that already has this activity attached to them.


Spider – Overriding Attendance Status in Roll Marking

Available in Spider version 2014.02.25 or above.

PCSchool has modified the options available to teachers in Absence Roll Marking as follows:

1. If the student is currently ‘NM – Not Marked’ the teacher can select any available status from the list including ‘? – Unexplained’.Not Marked

2. If the student is currently ‘? – Unexplained’ the teacher can select any available status.Unexplained

3. If the student currently has a status other than NM or ? (eg Late to class, Sick, Present, Excursion etc) the teacher cannot change it to ‘? – Unexplained’.Explained

The reason for this is so that classroom teachers cannot change an explained absence (possibly entered in by the office) to unexplained.