Spider – Duplicates when adding Co-Curricular Activities to Student

Available in Spider version 2014.03.17 and above.

PCSchool has enhanced the Student Co-Curricula Data Entry control in Spider with the following options.co-curric

1. Option to use the students current year level when adding the co-curric activity – this is useful where a tag set comprising of students in different year levels is being used.

2. Option for handling duplicate activities – these include:

a. Allow Duplicates – will add the activity regardless of if the student already has this activity attached to them (eg will allow duplicates).

b. Do not allow and throw error – will show an error each time if it finds the student already has this activity attached to them.

c. Do not allow and continue next – will show an error at the end of the process for any student that already has this activity attached to them.


NZSSSC School Sport Census report for NZ Schools

PCSchool has created a report for use by New Zealand schools to extract the necessary information for the NZSSSC School Sport Census.

The report is based on information stored in the PCSchool Co-Curricular area. If schools do not currently record student sport activities in the Co-Curricular area we now have a Spider Web App control that will allow students to be able to select the activities they are involved in on-line. View more information on On-line Activity Selection for students.

Program Update and Report Setup

The report requires the following information be entered into PCSchool Co-Curriculum:

Path:  Other Modules – Co-Curriculum

Activities must be set up as Type ‘Sport’ and have Managers, Coaches etc assigned to them.Type & Managers

Students must have activities assigned to them with at least one of the options ticked.Activity tick boxes

NOTE: if activities do not have one of these options ticked they can do this in bulk for each activity via the Quick Data Change facility within Co-Curriculum.cocurricular quick data change

Produce the Report / Survey

Once all the information is in PCSchool the report can be printed as follows:Print NZSSSC Report

Enter Parameter Values

NZSSSC Census Report ExampleThe report can then be exported to Excel as follows:

Once printed to screen you can use the Export option to export to Excel

Once printed to screen you can use the Export option to export to Excel

Example of exported data

Example of exported data

If you require assistance please contact the PCSchool Help Desk:

  • Email: helpdesk@pcschool.net
  • Ph: 09 974 9624