DreamCatcher CSV Export (NZ Schools Only)

Available in Curric Version 2012.2.0.801 or above.

PCSchool has enabled the ability to create a file in a CSV format for uploading to DreamCatcher  –   Download PDF for instructions.

DreamCatcher assists New Zealand’s youth by giving them the tools to help them make informed decisions for their future. It allows students and parents to share in career planning.DreamCatcher



Spider – Subject Assessment Due Dates Propagated to Calendar from ‘Subject & Assessment Criteria’ control

Available in Spider version 2013.10 and above (Post Conference release available end October).

PCSchool has made further enhancements to the Subject and Assessment Criteria control, now linking it to the Calendar. Due dates for assessment items can be entered in via the Subject and Assessment Criteria control with the ability to also add attachments (either files or hyperlinks).Add Assessment Date and Attachment

These dates are then propagated to the Calendar within Spider and visible to to students, caregivers and teachers that have that subject attached to them in the timetable or for assessment.Propagated to Calendar

Spider – Subject Information available throughout Spider

Available in Spider version 2013.10 and above (Post Conference release available end October).

PCSchool has now enhanced the ability for students, caregivers and teachers to view Subject Information throughout the Spider.

Previously information added to to subjects via the Subject and Assessment Criteria control was only made available to students / caregivers when selecting subjects via the On-Line Student Subject Selection, now this information will show against the subject where-ever it may be displayed within the Spider.Online Subject SelectionResult EntryMy ClassesStudent Information

Student Management School Software – Better Assessment Analysis

PCSchool releases a new Assessment Analysis printout to better enable schools to assess the comparative performance of a class, ethnicity or gender against the cumulative performance of other student in the class; other students across the same subject; other students across all subjects.

A sample of the report output is as below

For sql back end sites click on link to download  (Report unavailable for non sql sites)

The report will need to be added to report alias settings as shown

For more information contact our support centre or visit our Web Site

Sample of printouts