PAYROLL – Tax Changes for Australia June 2015-2016

PCSchool Payroll has released the new Tax Tables for the Australian 2015/2016 tax year.

It is recommended that you update to the latest version of PCSchool – Curric version 2014.7.0.892 / Finance version 2014.7.0.339. Download the latest followup available from our website. Download the followup and extract the files to \pcschool\programs on the server. These should then automatically flow down to user clients machines when next they run PCSchool.

Once all pays for the 2014/2015 tax year have been completed then proceed to to update your tax tables as below.

You can download the tax scales here. Download the file and extract contents to \pcschool\data on the server. If you run Multi Workareas you will also need to extract to those workareas eg \pcschool\other workarea name  also on the server.  In each desired workarea go into Finance > Utilities > Data Import/Export. Select files 111 and 112. Change option to Erase and Import and Begin Operation


While all care has been taken PCSchool takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data tables supplied and it is each users obligation to test the accuracy of the Tax Calculations performed by the program.

Once the followup update has been installed go to Help – About within the Finance Module and check your version number.Finance Version

There are no changes to the Tax Scales, however check your HELP and SFSS Tables have been updated, these have all changed. Tax Table Changes 2015-161If you require assistance with any of the above please contact the PCSchool Help Desk – 07 4939 5995 or

Budget Support Added for Next Year

PCSchool has expanded its Budget offering. The General will now cater for:

  • Prior Year Budget
  • Prior Year Revised Budget
  • Current Year Budget
  • Current Year Revised Budget
  • Next Year’s Budget

The addition of Next Year’s Budget is to enable the On Line Order Entry to test budget allocations against Next Year’s Budget where orders placed at the end of a year are to impact on Next Year’s Budget. Where a department has used all of the current year budget the On Line Order Entry will not allow them to order items against this year’s budget which has been fully utilized, however where appropriate they may order items for next year against next year’s budget.



Yr End

Finance.exe Version 2014.7.0.146