Victorian Schools – Secondary School Vaccine Program

Secondary School Changes for 2015

PCSchool will be implementing the following data capture changes in our next program update  – Curric Version 2014.7.0.461 or above.

Public Health and Wellbeing regulations in Victoria have recently been amended to allow schools to supply basic student details to councils.

It is optional for parents to report the details.

If parents do not want the information sent to councils then tick the radio box ‘Do not share data with vaccination authority’.1

Path:               Subjects → Data Capture → DEPT EDUC (Aust)

Use a Tag set to select the Students.2

Go to the DEPT EDUC (Aust) tab.3


 1 Enter the School Number
 2 In File Format select Immunisation Upload (Vic).
 3 These fields are not used for this report.
 4 Tick both radio boxes.
 5 Select a destination for the report where you will be able to find it.
 6 Click Preview.

If you receive any critical errors they may need to be fixed before continuing. If you only receive warnings click the Complete button that will now be active.5

Find the file for uploading.6

Spider – Ability to reset individual templates

Available in Spider Version 2014.07.24 or above.

PCSchool has added the ability to reset individual or specific templates. Previously when adding new controls to user templates you were only able to reset the main default user template for Staff, Students or Caregivers.

Now via our updated ‘Administration’ control in the Spider system administrators can select any template type (Dean, Nurse, Senior teacher, Junior teacher etc).Admin Update

Spider – Payment Portal Information Option

Available in PCSchool version 2014.03.03 and above.

PCSchool has now added the ability for schools to include additional text / instructions at the top of the Parent Payment Portal view. This option allows schools to include instructions to parents on how to use the payment portal and when the payment is expected to be processed and applied to their outstanding fees.

Option to add text to Payment Portal is found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.Payment Instructions

Spider – Donation Payment Email Notification

Available in Spider version 2014.03.05 or above.

PCSchool payment portal currently emails a default staff member (accounts receivable) when a payment has been made by a parent. This has now been extended to the Donation Portal to allow for a different staff member to receive notification when a donation has been made via the donation portal.

Options for payment email notifications are found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.

Donation Portal Email

Spider – Hide tabs in Student Information View

Available in Spider version 2014.03.04 or above.

PCSchool now allows schools to hide the various tabs within the Student Information View in Spider. This means, for example, that you can hide the Medical Conditions tab or Special Needs tab from students when they enter the Student Information View in Spider.

Options to hide the various tabs are found in the Administration control – Update Configuration File in the Spider.Hide Student Tabs





Spider – Calendar & Assessment Integration

Available in Spider version 2014.03.04 and above.

PCSchool has enhanced the integration between the Spider Calendar and Assessment Criteria information when adding assessment task due dates to the calendar.

Previously when publishing assessment due dates to the Calendar, via the Subject and Assessment Criteria control in Spider, it only allowed the date, item description and an attachment. Now the ‘Criteria’ information for that task will also be displayed in the Calendar.

Assessment CriteriaIn addition, any attachments to assessment items in the Calendar will now open in a new window.


Spider – Duplicates when adding Co-Curricular Activities to Student

Available in Spider version 2014.03.17 and above.

PCSchool has enhanced the Student Co-Curricula Data Entry control in Spider with the following

1. Option to use the students current year level when adding the co-curric activity – this is useful where a tag set comprising of students in different year levels is being used.

2. Option for handling duplicate activities – these include:

a. Allow Duplicates – will add the activity regardless of if the student already has this activity attached to them (eg will allow duplicates).

b. Do not allow and throw error – will show an error each time if it finds the student already has this activity attached to them.

c. Do not allow and continue next – will show an error at the end of the process for any student that already has this activity attached to them.


Spider – Parent Teacher Interview Enhancements

Available in Spider version 2014.03.03 or above.

PCSchool has added several new enhancements to the Parent Teacher Interviews in the Spider Web Application.

1. ‘Time gap between each slot’ did only allow a single digit (eg up to 9 minutes) now allows two digits (eg up to 99 minutes)

2. NEW option to create interviews based on Timetable Phases. This means that schools who use a single Subject Period ID and they want to create interviews based on the subjects studied by the students in the second half of the year they can.GapInterval

3. Option for ‘individuals who can book simultaneous interviews’ has been increased from one digit (eg up to 9) to two digits (eg up to 99).

4. NEW option that will force parents to book alternate slots. This can be used by schools who do not want parents to book slots one after the other, but forces them to book a slot, miss a slot, book a slot, miss a slot etc).Alternate Slots

Spider – Budget Dashboard shows Account & Sub-Account

Available in Spider version 2014.02.25 or above.

The PCSchool Budget Dashboard control now shows the General Ledger Account and Sub-Account numbers to the Head of Department when looking at budget reports.

Budge Dashboard

DreamCatcher CSV Export (NZ Schools Only)

Available in Curric Version 2012.2.0.801 or above.

PCSchool has enabled the ability to create a file in a CSV format for uploading to DreamCatcher  –   Download PDF for instructions.

DreamCatcher assists New Zealand’s youth by giving them the tools to help them make informed decisions for their future. It allows students and parents to share in career planning.DreamCatcher