Timetable Period Descriptions and Roll Marking

To allow for the need for increasing flexibility in Attendance Roll Marking PCSchool has made some changes to the Timetable Period Descriptions in Version 2016. Changes will allow schools to create periods for each day in the timetable where the number of periods in the day or length / duration of the period differs. To allow for this the ‘Code’ for each period has changed in format (is not system generated) and a Time Period column has been added.

Changes should not affect most schools, however if schools have previously assigned Year Level Restrictions to periods these may need to be revisited and updated to allow for the new logic as outlined below.

Example of how periods may be set up in Version 2015:V2015TTPeriods

Example of how periods need to be set up in Version 2016:V2016TTPeriods

Example of how periods can be set up in the near future:V2016TTPeriods_Future

Spider – Overriding Attendance Status in Roll Marking

Available in Spider version 2014.02.25 or above.

PCSchool has modified the options available to teachers in Absence Roll Marking as follows:

1. If the student is currently ‘NM – Not Marked’ the teacher can select any available status from the list including ‘? – Unexplained’.Not Marked

2. If the student is currently ‘? – Unexplained’ the teacher can select any available status.Unexplained

3. If the student currently has a status other than NM or ? (eg Late to class, Sick, Present, Excursion etc) the teacher cannot change it to ‘? – Unexplained’.Explained

The reason for this is so that classroom teachers cannot change an explained absence (possibly entered in by the office) to unexplained.

Spider – Set Rollmarking buttons for teachers

Available in Spider version 2012.10 or above.

PCSchool allows schools to select which Absence Code / Status to use as the shortcut buttons in the Roll Marking / Absence Entry screen in Spider. The Spider will pick up  the first four codes from the attendancecodes.xml file found in the PCSchool\Documents folder on the server.

To change the codes or the order of the codes simply open the attedancecodes.xml file in note pad and re-arrange the codes so that the four you want as default buttons are at the top. NOTE: The NM button for ‘Not Marked’ is hard coded and can not be removed.

First four (4) codes in XML file will show as buttons in Spider Absence Entry.

First four (4) codes in XML file will show as buttons in Spider Absence Entry.

Spider – Absence Entry / Roll Marking status drop down list can be made read only or hidden

Available in Spider version 2013.11.14 and above.

PCSchool has added the ability to make the absence status drop down list in Absence Entry ‘Read Only’ or ‘Hidden’.

This option can be used by schools who want teachers to be restricted to selecting from four status buttons when marking the attendance roll ( for example Not Marked, Unexplained, Present, Late for Class and one other), while the teachers can still see the other statuses entered in by the Back Office staff / Attendance Officer it will be in ‘Read Only’ mode.Spider - Disable Absence Status Dropdown List

The ‘spiderabsentrollv2.xml’ file found in the PCSchool\Documents folder on the server must be modified accordingly:SpiderAbsentrollV2.xmlClick here for information on how to customise the Absent Entry status buttons.


Spider – Spanned Absences in Back Office sensitive to Spider Roll Marking

Available in Spider version 2013.10 and above (Post Conference release available in October)

PCSchool has now made absences with a spanned date range in Back Office sensitive (and modified) to roll marking in the Spider.

Spanned Absence in Back OfficeRoll Marking by Teacher in SpiderAbsence Split in Back Office


Spider – Roll Marking is now sensitive to students Date of Arrival

Available in Spider Version 2013.06.26.xxx or above.

PCSchool have now made the Roll Marking in Spider sensitive to the students ‘Arrival Date’.  This means that if a student starts part way through a term they will not show on previous attendance rolls as ‘not marked’ as was previously the case.Date of Arrival