Spider – Overriding Attendance Status in Roll Marking

Available in Spider version 2014.02.25 or above.

PCSchool has modified the options available to teachers in Absence Roll Marking as follows:

1. If the student is currently ‘NM – Not Marked’ the teacher can select any available status from the list including ‘? – Unexplained’.Not Marked

2. If the student is currently ‘? – Unexplained’ the teacher can select any available status.Unexplained

3. If the student currently has a status other than NM or ? (eg Late to class, Sick, Present, Excursion etc) the teacher cannot change it to ‘? – Unexplained’.Explained

The reason for this is so that classroom teachers cannot change an explained absence (possibly entered in by the office) to unexplained.

Spider – Parent Teacher Interview Enhancements

Available in Spider version 2014.03.03 or above.

PCSchool has added several new enhancements to the Parent Teacher Interviews in the Spider Web Application.

1. ‘Time gap between each slot’ did only allow a single digit (eg up to 9 minutes) now allows two digits (eg up to 99 minutes)

2. NEW option to create interviews based on Timetable Phases. This means that schools who use a single Subject Period ID and they want to create interviews based on the subjects studied by the students in the second half of the year they can.GapInterval

3. Option for ‘individuals who can book simultaneous interviews’ has been increased from one digit (eg up to 9) to two digits (eg up to 99).

4. NEW option that will force parents to book alternate slots. This can be used by schools who do not want parents to book slots one after the other, but forces them to book a slot, miss a slot, book a slot, miss a slot etc).Alternate Slots

Spider – Budget Dashboard shows Account & Sub-Account

Available in Spider version 2014.02.25 or above.

The PCSchool Budget Dashboard control now shows the General Ledger Account and Sub-Account numbers to the Head of Department when looking at budget reports.

Budge Dashboard

DreamCatcher CSV Export (NZ Schools Only)

Available in Curric Version 2012.2.0.801 or above.

PCSchool has enabled the ability to create a file in a CSV format for uploading to DreamCatcher  –   Download PDF for instructions.

DreamCatcher assists New Zealand’s youth by giving them the tools to help them make informed decisions for their future. It allows students and parents to share in career planning.DreamCatcher



Spider – Set Rollmarking buttons for teachers

Available in Spider version 2012.10 or above.

PCSchool allows schools to select which Absence Code / Status to use as the shortcut buttons in the Roll Marking / Absence Entry screen in Spider. The Spider will pick up  the first four codes from the attendancecodes.xml file found in the PCSchool\Documents folder on the server.

To change the codes or the order of the codes simply open the attedancecodes.xml file in note pad and re-arrange the codes so that the four you want as default buttons are at the top. NOTE: The NM button for ‘Not Marked’ is hard coded and can not be removed.

First four (4) codes in XML file will show as buttons in Spider Absence Entry.

First four (4) codes in XML file will show as buttons in Spider Absence Entry.

Spider – Absence Entry / Roll Marking status drop down list can be made read only or hidden

Available in Spider version 2013.11.14 and above.

PCSchool has added the ability to make the absence status drop down list in Absence Entry ‘Read Only’ or ‘Hidden’.

This option can be used by schools who want teachers to be restricted to selecting from four status buttons when marking the attendance roll ( for example Not Marked, Unexplained, Present, Late for Class and one other), while the teachers can still see the other statuses entered in by the Back Office staff / Attendance Officer it will be in ‘Read Only’ mode.Spider - Disable Absence Status Dropdown List

The ‘spiderabsentrollv2.xml’ file found in the PCSchool\Documents folder on the server must be modified accordingly:SpiderAbsentrollV2.xmlClick here for information on how to customise the Absent Entry status buttons.


Spider – Student Info ability to hide / show absence and late information to different users

Available in Spider version 2013.10 and above (Post Conference release available in October)

PCSchool has added the ability to hide or show the students Absence and Lates tabs in the Student Information view for various users: teachers, caregivers or students. This can be done using special keys in the Spider Configuration File.Hide or Show Student Absence and Lates tabs

The keys  in spider config are:



TCS says the tab should be shown for Teachers (T), Caregivers (C ) and Students (S)

If its just for teachers, put only T in this value.